30 days into selling on Fiverr


… and I hit level 1! WOO!!

At least until January 15th. Unless I can get $400 of sales by then.

One thing that I noticed once I hit level one, my buyers request list exploded… I remove all the requests that aren’t something I do to have a clean list. But now I have 500+ requests dating way back.

Do you get more buyer requests as a Level 1?


Don’t worry, even if you don’t hit $400 by Jan 15 you’ll still remain a level one seller give your other stats are high enough.


Yes., but i’m little worrying about my “order completion rate” i have 89% :wink:


Is that official? Are they grandfathering people in?


I doubt if there will immediately be a mass reshuffling of everyone’s level on January 15.

The site would crash. I think it will be gradual over the coming months after this starts.


There’ll be 10 thousand posts to read on this forum come January 15 if they do shuffle everyone. :slight_smile:


I can hardly wait :popcorn:


Congratulations and Welcome to the level 1 member :tada:


Congrats:tada:,I joined fiverr this week.Any suggestions for me to become level one seller.I didnt receive any order yet!


Hello amiriqbal,

How long have you been on Fiverr? Many new sellers do not automatically get orders instantly. You might have to work your way up by actively utilizing buyer’s requests. Ensure you are always online.
I sent about 15 offers to different buyers before I finally got lucky. Since then, it’s been an amazing journey.



My first week on Fiverr sucked. After that, I got a couple orders the second week. I then noticed that there weren’t very many buyer requests in my category that met my skill set, so I created a gig under the “other” category of the technology section. After that, I saw more buyer requests that I could fulfill and got many orders of those. I also got a big repeat buyer that I’m still doing work for today.

It takes time to get more orders, but it also takes hard work. I don’t follow the “always online” thing. If somebody wants to buy from me, they will regardless of if I’m online or not.

I will say one thing though, buyers requests must be custom written every time! Speak into the request, even give them an idea of how you can serve the request within the offer. This tactic combined with being the first couple offers for a request will significantly increase your chances of winning the work.

Hope this helps!


I assumed logo design would be something people would want to buy. How do I utilize Buyer’s Requests? Do they have to come to me or are they posted for everyone to see?


They are sent to every seller within the category selected by the buyer.


Thanks so much, I will attempt to keep and eye on it :slight_smile: