30 days to go to one of the most talked about subject on Fiverr....THE NEW LEVELS UPDATE!


I remember the day Fiverr announced the new criteria for earning levels. Loads of topics were opened. The moderators did their best to streamline the conversation to 2 topics and one got closed because it reached the threshold. A lot of emotions were thrown around and it is great to know people have taken the changes in good faith (I think)

Anyways. 30 days to go!

What steps are you taking to either get promoted or retain your badge?

What progress have you made?

Do you think you can make that date?

I am simply hoping for the best!

I wish everyone good luck!


worried about delivery percentage,
if anybody knows what will happen if i cant maintain 90% on 15 January


Have to. Keep providing the best service or services you can. The rest is out of your control.
Worrying doesn’t help. Knowing what would happen doesn’t help.
Easy for me to say? Maybe, but what other options are there?


There are lots of bugs for both sellers and buyers. I thinks first these bugs must fix, than the new level system should be live. Sellers can lost their level because of something is not their fault in this system.

I always write bugs to cs as i am a computer scientist and i did website, mobile app test in beta and live versions. I write bugs as i want a better experience for everyone.


According to recent reports, you will lose your level.

Why is your delivery percentage going down?


True that. I think Fiverr is working to fix that. I saw a forum post where CS mentioned it to someone.

Fingers crossed


Yes, you should keep providing the best service ever, however, if your rates are decreasing, you should probably worry.

You should worry but not drown yourself in sadness. It should only make you concerned and develop yourself and tweak till you see improvements.

That’s my opinion though.


My thoughts are that a worried person sees a problem, a concerned person looks for a solution.
Worrying is rooted in fear and can paralyze one to do nothing.
One can be concerned, it’s a natural response to an impending action, but worrying about that same action while lacking the ability to change it, in my opinion, is pointless.
There are so many other ways to use that energy towards production.


I do agree with this. I guess I’m mixing up worry and concern.



i think bug is the biggest issue, people might lose there levels for no fault of theirs. i have also written to support a couple of times regarding bugs. At a point my response rate was dropping daily even though I didn’t receive any messages. Note that my response time was 2 hours at that point.