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30 orders in 3 month's,how to get level 2

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I wanted to know that I got 30 orders in 3 months and I know it’s very less but I am keep updating gigs and all but like I wanted to get level 2 so plz give me some tips so it will be great and also how you got that if you can tell it will be awesome.
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Get 50 orders in 2 months.


Respond to buyer requests and market your gigs in social media.
Once you finish 50 orders with good reviews and low cancellations, you’ll reach level 2.
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i also have the same ptoblrm. i just got 1 order, then no any order


Some useful tips:

1)English skills are very important, if you cannot communicate with your clients clearly, your gigs will suffer. The same applies to the gig descriptions, your profile, etc. This is a really crucial point, at least for me, since I have around 50% of my orders coming from the US, including some long term clients that provide me with a steady monthly income. You can’t get and, more importantly, keep these clients without proper English skills.

2)Find a niche - A particular language, a specific skill, etc. Go specific instead of broad (I have almost 10 gigs all related to video editing, but each one for a very specific thing), so you face less direct competition in each gig.

3)Distinguish your gigs - don’t offer a copy of what everyone else is offering, give it a twist, do the same but in your own style, etc. Try to look funny and relaxed in your gigs if you know you can’t compete with some other sellers (if you lack the skills / equipment). Personality sells.

4)Videos on every gig. Videos are great and they work. If you don’t know how to make professional looking videos, you can buy them from me, I made some pretty nice videos for my video editing gigs.

5)Don’t short-sell - Extremely important. If you are good at what you do, don’t sell yourself cheap. Not only will you not make more money, you will deal with the worst clients. I have had people pay me 5$ or 10$ for something, and then complain more than others that paid 50$ or 100$ for the exact same thing.

6)People love numbered lists.

7)Get good. Skills are worth something, and some are worth more than others, as dictated by the marketplace. If you have a good service to sell, people will buy it. Eventually.


Tweaking your gig often will surely harm its performance… The thing you should focus on is getting traffic to your gig, (outside fiverr) this will help your gig to rank high on search results. thereby increasing the possibility of having more sales.

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Thank you all for your excellent tips



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