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$30 Worth of Incomplete Gigs!


It’s so frustrating to have someone pay money for a gig, then disappear. Some of the people joined, ordered, and haven’t been back on Fiverr since they’ve ordered. I don’t understand why. I always respond right away when I get an order, so people will know to send the required information, but it still doesn’t help avoid this issue. Now I gotta have CS cancel the orders.

I know some people say to leave the “instructions” blank, but I rather not do that.

I’m just frustrated, so I thought I would rant a little bit.


I have a few ones that are a month old as well. Smh.


Yeah, and what really irritates me about that… is that you could possibly lose your level(s) when you cancel all of those orders. :frowning:


My question is: Do they affect if we leave them there? I also have an order like that but I don’t mind… if it doesn’t affect :wink:


Reply to @prohelper27: Are you sure about that? I thought mutual cancellation don’t affect ratings. Of course for buyers who are not active, mutual cancellation will take time, but won’t that be an option?


I have a few from a few months ago which are incomplete, just going to leave them in case they activate them at some point :slight_smile:


Oh wow, I guess I should leave them alone. It just sucks to see them pile up and knowing my balance is really $30 less than it really is. Fiverr is so unfair when it comes this cancellation business. I understand that forcing a cancellation will have an effect, but if I need them to cancel something for a good reason, that should not count against me.


I’ve had this happen to me in the past and just left them alone as the buyers eventually came back and ordered!


Cool. I just had one respond, but unfortunately not with the information I need. So now the clock is ticking. We’ll see what happens.

oldbittygrandma said: one of those activated over a year later, I wish I had not cancelled them.
hmm I have three outstanding at the moment, upon your advise and statement from a previous seller having an order activated after a year, I do believe I will stop calling for them to be cancelled...


Reply to @asprin: It doesn’t affect ratings, it affects your levels. Many have been demoted a level or even two levels due to mutual cancellations. As for how many cancellations vs. complete orders would cause this, we do not know. Fiverr bases it on a certain percentage.


I think Fiverr should have a system where they sent messages to seller via email telling that the gig has completed. or do they?


Reply to @bachas85: Lol, You’re right. I’ll just give them the silent treatment. I wish buyers would at least respond once though. The one that finally responded still hasn’t submitted her information, so now I have to deliver a message to stop the clock. :frowning: