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300 Clicks in One Month But No Orders

I’ve got 300 clicks in last month but not a single order or buyer message. What can i do right now to get orders?Can you explain something Please!


You do know that joining Fiverr does NOT guarantee you will find work, right?

There are thousands of us here not seeing much in the way of jobs right now.

There is a lot of competition and you have to work at building your freelance business.

Good luck.


Change price and description may be help you


Don’t make duplicate topics.


Change your title and description

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You don’t have killer description to engage buyers. Moreover, your rates might be much as compare to other sellers. If you are getting 300 clicks, then there should be orders on your timeline. I think the problem is in your description or pricing. Don’t change title, just change description and put some ranking factors in your gig
All the best!


If you are getting clicks through social media, then my dear they won’t work… as a side note

First of all, you have only 28 minutes of read time. Maybe you could spend more time and do a thorough search/research in these forum lands to increase your knowledge over this matter. You’re not the first nor the last person who stumbles upon such ‘issues’.

Secondly, if people come to your gig and then decide to leave instead of ordering your services, that means that your gig (or its description) is a weak spot in a chain. Considering to re-edit it then.

Finally, I quickly checked your Facebook campaign gig. You have about 13,900 competitors in that niche. People there offer exactly same services but for a lower price, which means that your actual engagement will be low too. Do you really want to offer the same thing as almost 14k other people do? Maybe find something more exclusive, more unique… something that will make you stand out in front of the others? :slight_smile:


Change description and price.

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