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300 offers without a single order

I have sent 300 offers without a single order


great keep it up :smiley: i got my 1st order after 90 buyer requests


I have done 17 yet. Not a single order.


after seeing your gig according to me decrease delivery time one day and remove all extra that you have added in your gig

@rankinfinite required a lot of time for success keep patience :wink:

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You’ve been here for few months and already sent 300 offers. I think you’re focusing on quantity rather than quality.
You should do some research on how to write a proper offer. There are plenty of posts about it on this forum

  1. You might want to use an original image for your profile.
    You claim to be good with using Photoshop, then why not use an image that shows off your skills? It’s got to be better than some image you found online.

  2. I read your profile description and saw some grammar errors etc. Personally I tend to avoid people with poor gig descriptions since that comes across as being unprofessional.

If you change/fix these 2, you might have a better chance.


can you please help me with that please

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I get my first order after 400 offer I send :slight_smile: Don’t give up, do it every time you have time :wink:


Thanks for your encouraging wordings

Thanks to every one who did sent me msg i quickly correct any error which i have made thanks

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Pretty much the same for me! (First order after 90 requests)


hmmm i was to much happy in that night

Copy the last buyer request you responded to and the offer you sent. Then we can have a look and possibly point out mistakes or improvement opportunities. Sending 300 offers and getting only 1 response is a clear sign that either your responses or the gigs are not appealing.
Your gig could use some work, but most likely the root cause is the offers you send.

He just said that there are plenty of posts on this on the forum already.
If this is your attitude, then it’s no wonder that nobody wants what you have to offer.

Please read well before you come out with what so ever please msg