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These sorts of things are never real, sadly. They aren’t real people.

I used to run a page on FB that had over 2,000,000 people… I couldn’t guarantee three thousand people would like a page I shared. If anything, it would maybe be a few hundred people.

With FB’s graph search and E.D.G.E implementation, those numbers would be even less now.

Buying likes doesn’t get you anything - you buy fake, empty accounts, which then use your ‘like list’ as a way to spam the ever living love out of your real fans. The fake accounts also then slowly weed out the fake accounts and delete them, so your number drops back down.

Not to mention, the number of fans you have has absolutely no bearing on how often FB shares your page, your promotion costs or how likely people are to like your page… The only effect it has is that more people ‘like’ your content and it is shared that way - but if you’re buying these fake fans, they are non-interactive and thus do nothing to promote your content.

If you ‘buy fans,’ you are doing yourself a disservice, unless your only reason is to brag to your friends about how many likes you have.

People who ‘sell fans’ have actually set up a script that creates fake facebook accounts all day long. They then set up a script for these fake accounts ‘like’ whatever page the creator inserts into them.

That’s how they can guarantee a certain amount of fans.

There’s no way to control that with live human beings.

I’m sorry to say, these sort of things are scams. The only way to really promote your material is with intelligent marketing, a little bit of psychology and a great big dose of luck.

So here’s a bit of luck to you… Good luck! :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any marketing.


*Facebook then slowly weeds out the fake accounts.

*The fake accounts are then slowly weeded out by Facebook…

That comment was half one of those and half the other and I ended up with something that didn’t make sense… Changing your mind halfway through typing - oops, haha.


Reply to @animusargentis:

I totally agree with you buddy!

This is really good advice for those considering buying fake likes.