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3000$ in 9 month?

Is it possible for me to make earnings of 3 thousand dollars in 9 months? I’m a new seller and I haven’t completed my first 100 bucks yet. so here is my profile:
Please make an assesment.


Of course it is possible. Just takes hard work and patience.


could you make an assessment of my profile? would I be able to do it with this profile?

Actually I was asking how to do it, not that I did it.

The average new seller would struggle to achieve a goal like that. You might be able to do it, but I think you aren’t likely to find someone on the forum who can tell you how, especially at no expense.

If you just wanted to accrue that much earnings on Fiverr to get the levels and look good, you might be able to take out a ton of paid advertising and bring visitors to your gigs. You’d also need to work your rear end off building high-following social media accounts with visitors who are your target buyers. By working day and night and using that large advertising budget, you might get there.

Of course, if you used that method it would be hard to earn that and keep it as profit. Just about every new forum visitor wants a golden ticket to earn big money without spending money or extreme amounts of time, but we don’t see many accomplish it. Perhaps if you gave yourself an easier goal (not so much money earned, but speed to earn it) it would be more attainable.


Well, that’s a professional reply. Thanks for it.I was actually comparing different ways to get that amount of money. Actually I don’t have much time because I already work as a mechanical design engineer in a firm. so your reply is a great help.

Just keep in mind, give it a try anyway. Sometimes gigs just take off - it’s happened before. You could also look into the Fiverr Pro program (you’ll see links on the main page) and if you qualify for that, you could earn much more. It’s just very difficult to get approved as a Pro. Good luck!


Yes you can if you sale 50 orders in one month , 50 x 9 = 450 orders and the one order is $10 after the %20 for fiverr = $8 X 450 = $3600. to make this you can send 10 offers in buyer request section every day. Have a nice day :blush:

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@fonthaunt you are right

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Am a new seller too just as he is, but you send requests only when you find offers.
Unfortunately for a couple of days now i have not seen a single buyer’s request in the requests section.
I don’t know if it’s a universal issue or it’s restricted to new sellers only.

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Yes it is, if your honest, focused and hardworking…

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You can contact with CS Fiverr, and they will help you

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Actually that sounds easy…


How do you mean? Theoritically?