3000 Orders Completed. Feeling Happy!


Hi All,

Just now completed my 3000 order on FIVERR.

Thanks so much to all my buyers for purchasing my gigs and giving me opportunity to work with all of you.

It’s been a great journey ( 5 years and 10 months completed) on fiverr, and Thank you so much fiverr for creating such a great platform for all sellers and buyers.

Working hard to help and satisfy more buyers on fiverr.

Thanks so much for all your Support,


Keep Up the GOOD WORK. :thumbsup:


Well done! Things picking up?


That’s awesome, congratulations!


Thanks So much for your support. :slight_smile:



Thanks for your support.



Yes Brother, getting some repeated clients and orders.


Great, good to know. But still find an offline source of income, because Fiverr is a tap, sometimes it is on, sometimes it is off.


Congratulations… KEEP IT UP YOUR GREAT JOURNEY…:sunglasses:


Thank you so much. All the best for your fiverr journey.


Sure brother we are in a plan to start our local food items business soon.


That’s wonderful. Where do you live?




congratulation,have a great journey…


congratulation, I am new here and would like to just say hello :slight_smile:


You said exactly what I think about though I have just started my journey. Hoping to go a long way.


Hello, thanks and all the best for your fiverr journey. Welcome to fiverr.


Thank you so much. All the best for you.


Thanks for your support.


From Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.