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31 Days active, 20 orders, 17 reviews, rating of 99 yet no lvl 1 seller?


Yesterday it became my 30th day on Fiverr. I’ve made 20 sales with 17 reviews, all 5 star except two 4.7 ratings. I should be a level 1 seller right, but I am not? Is this a bug? Should I contact CS?


and your cancellation rate? It is one of the important factors.


wait for some days… if you do not get status, you can contact Customer Support


I’ve never cancelled one order. Only one mutual cancellation.

  1. Go to analytics page. It will show you the percentage you have achieved to reach level one.
  2. click on level one logo and see which points you have already completed. or visit and check this :


Thanks, will try that!


Definitely a bug! It says that I’ve only met the requirement of being active for 30 days! That’s nonsense. Just check out my profile and you’ll see I meet all of the other requirements too.


If you feel so.
Visit and submit a request regarding your query.
No one knows better than the staff.
They will reply you within a day or two.
Check your registered email for the reply. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I just sent them a request.


Also I’d just give it a few days. Its likely the script that processes all the Lvl 1 and Lvl 2 upgrades runs at night on either a daily or weekly basis.


Yes, as @bolharr2250 says, it can take a couple of days. I remember having the same frustration.