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31 days gone but no order

Thirty days gone but I have no order.

What are you doing to reach out to your target customers and EARN your orders? Contrary to what many new sellers seem to think, you are going to have to WORK for your sales and success. Fiverr is not an easy, get-rich-quick website.


I got my First order on Fiverr in first week.

here is what I did and the same you should:

  1. Send Buyer Requests
    ( If Buyer Requests are Now Showing in Your Profile, Then See This:
    Didn't show buyers request on my fiverr
  2. Send Buyer Requests Professionally and To The Point. Don’t Always Send Offer, Sometimes sending a Good Information is better.
  3. Promote your Fiverr Gigs on Social Media, Relevant Forums etc. If your friends need any service related to your niche, ask them to order you on Fiverr.
  4. Manually Search Clients on Social Media i.e. Related Facebook Pages and Groups etc.

Hope this helps.


Are you applying to Buyer’s Request? If not, start now.