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31st July! How was the JULY SELLING?


Another month come to an end. :sleepy: It was the worst month for me. There was almost no response. How was the July selling of your’s side?


It was about an average month for me, BUT…

I hit my 200th completed order today… so, mini-milestone!


Among 100-50 $ :slight_smile:


it was really awesome for me


It was such a great month cause there wasn’t any order except the one I got from buyer request:slightly_smiling_face: Fiverr is satisfying me with its rules and new stuff so I don’t even need any order.


it was average month for me


WOW! Congratulations, dear. Thanks for sharing with us. :heart:


How many orders did you complete in the month of July?


lack of orders for me :disappointed_relieved:


:sob: As like as me.


Please do not cry…


low sales … may be summers is the reason :confused:


4 sales only compared to 26 in June


same here for me also :disappointed_relieved:


Maybe. Since last 15-20 days, there was no response from any client.


same here. didn’t get responses


2 orders for me in july.
The worst month for me so far…


got only 3 orders and total earning is 28 :frowning:


Many fewer orders than usual, let’s see what happens in August


Not so good.
4 cancellation by scammers
Low delivery rating :disappointed:
But I’m happy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :blush::blush::blush: