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32 orders and earned 900$ during quarantine

I’ve been a Fiverr user for over a year but I never found the time to actually take care of the aspect of my gigs. After my first review I started having dozens of letters.

I can say that thanks to fiverr I could earn not only money during quarantine but experience. The most important thing is to not be arrogant and to do the tasks with passion. At the begining I was doing many tasks for 3 times less of what I am asking now, but the difference was that I did that to improve my skills and knowledge.
I was awarded for that, meaning that clients recognize your effort and time and I have had many tips left by them too. Many buyers have searched for my services not twice, but in some cases over 5 times.

As I am a student I had to “go out of office”. What surprised me is that my loyal customers kept contacting me even if I wasn’t avaible and they’ve waited for me.

My advice is to gain the trust of your client, don’t be pushy and don’t try to overrate the price of your services but don’t also work for free!!!


That is really nice :3 good luck to you for future projects as well.


all the best. you did great.

Goodluck… More wins keep up the good job

Congratulations ! Keep going well :slight_smile:



wow… wonderful…

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@stefanyoshovski Congratulations!

wow 32 order in around 3 months I say?

Congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations. If you are committed enough you will notice Fiverr has a great more to offer. Well Done.

This sounds really motivated :grinning:

Congratulations! :+1:

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Yes, of which 70% of the earning in the last month.

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Nice Work. Good luck for You

Great! keep it up :+1:

Great job. Keep doing your best.

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Welldone. Congratulations

That’s wonderful! Congrats dude, good luck in future!

you did great, you are doing well