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35 High PR Backlinks, Social Bookmarking from PR2 to PR8 for Natural SEO


In 2015 SEO is more Natural, Google is now scanning sites with a great algorithm that acts like a human. Its like they have an inspector, a physical inspector who comes and inspects our sites for poor backlinks and so called do follow backlinks from low citation and low authority Bolgs/ Sites. These days Google is boosting the sites whose backlinking behaves Natural. Natural Mean if a user comes to your sites and he she submits your site to a social network that he or she like, this act will send Google a Backlink Signal and this is what Google calls a Natural Backlink from a high authority site.

I am in SEO since last 8 years, i have seen and done almost all link building strategies. These days Google really loves Natural lookins Social Bookmarkings. Me and my team is dedicated to this, we really know how to handle Social Bookmarking Backlinks as Google can judge these 35 Social Bookmarking Backlinks and Natural or Software Based made Links. We take care of this issue and made these link with a specific time interval and index them as Google treat them Natural Backlinks. This work done is manual and you get a lot of boost in your Google Rankings.