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$352 + 54 sales in our first month!

Hi guys!
This is Shane from Eno8Design.

It has been exactly 30 days since we joined fiver. And here are our stats so far.

Earned $352
Sales 54
Customers 18

I gotta say that Fiverr is the best of the best when it comes to freelancing. Pretty simple process.
We love it!

So on the 1st month celebration we thought of sharing our experience and few tips with fellow forum members. Here’s what we did! (You should if you are not getting enough sales)


    1. Find a niche. (Ex: We thought of doing “Youtube Thumbnails”)

Not much to say in here! But this should be something you have to be really good at!
Sit and think while drinking your favorite coffee. :slight_smile:


    1. Do your research.

Okay now you have a niche. Now all you have to do it search that niche on Fiverr and other freelancing sites.
And see how other sellers are doing it. Trust me! This is the most important part. The better you do it better the results are.
Don’t only look at successful sellers. Look at failures too! Just to avoid doing those mistakes.


    1. Decide a gig title

Now that you have done your research you have seen how other successful sellers name their gigs! Should be something short and straight. Like " I will design an OUTSTANDING youtube thumbnail"
Did you see that. I just UPPERCASED the most powerful word in my gig title. Fiverr only let’s only one word to keep in UPPERCASE in your gig title. So use that feature. Choose wisely!


    1. Write down the GIG description.

To be honest with ya, most people don’'t even read this. So no point in writing long paragraphs. Just be straight! Use POINTS. And try your best to explain why buyer should buy your services in few words. For example look at my gig description for “Youtube Thumbnails”

If you are a YouTuber you know how important that a thumbnail is.

Thumbnails are the key to the success of any video. I have hands on experience in designing YouTube thumbnails for years.

We can provide you a branded stylized thumbnails for your channel, so anyone who sees it, will know it’s from your channel.

We are dedicated to delight you with my utmost creativity & well crafted skills.

We will be here at Fiverr 24/7 with less than One hour turn around time.

Unique Styled Thumbnail
Unlimited Revisions
Extra-Fast Delivery
VIP customer support
100% Satisfaction
Money back Guarantee

We are 100% available.
We are 100% punctual.
We take proper responsibility
We are professional & friendly
We are excellent in adhering instructions
We provide money back guarantee

Basic gig is ONLY subjected of processing of ONE thumbnail.
If you have more than one thumbnail please send us a message to discuss a fair charge.

What are you waiting for? Just hire us. You will never regret it!


    1. Get your gig image done.

You have to be very careful with this one. Because your gig has to stand out within bunch of other gigs!
Just search “Youtube thumbnails” in fiverr. And you will see how our Youtube Thumbnail gig stands out!

Use an eye catching single color (or gradient) background. Text must contains few words.
Most important: Text should be readable. Big as much as possible.
Finally add something related. Like we added the YouTube logo.


  1. Keywords

This is easy! When you do your research make sure to note down 5 most powerful keywords.
You can find keyword tags at the very bottom of any gig page.


    1. Decide pricing

If it’s a new gig and charge is fair to you better to start with $5.Otherwise you can go for higher starting rates.
Use the 3 package option. Give the 3 packages some nice fancy names. Explain the packages short and sweet.

That’s it. Now you are ready to sell. Let’s look at the selling tips now.


    1. Stay online ALWAYS. Download the fiverr app to your mobile.

This is the most important part. Fiverr app let’s you to reply to your customers instantly via mobile! That’s cool right!


    1. Getting your first sale

Obviously ain’t no body gonna buy your gig without any reviews. So how I’m even going to get my first sale?
The quick answer is “Buyer Requests”
This page can be found in you selling menu! Basically includes all the requests from buyers where sellers can quote up to 10 requests for a day! Don’t eat all your 10 slots at once. Check this page whenever possible and once there are new requests submit your quotes for the best suitable requests.

Make sure to use something short and sweet. Go an extra mile and offer some more work for the amount you are getting paid. Make them buy your new gig.
The communication is the powerful feature here. You have learn to communicate and make them buy your offer.

Sometime it might take days even months (As I heard) to get your first sale. But never ever give up!


    1. Now the crucial part

This that you got your first sale. If you follow below 3 rules you are gonna be golder. :slight_smile:

  1. Reply instantly (ASAP)
  2. Offer some extra and impress the buyer.
  3. Deliver instantly (ASAP)

Above 3 are the golden rules we follow which kept us going for 30 days so far.
Make your communications professional as much as possible.

That’s it folks.
Thanks for reading!

If you have more points make sure to comment and share it with rest of us!
Love Fiverr!

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Good work Shane… but what I’m really impressed about is how you got 47/49 buyers to give you reviews. I’ve completed over 120 or so orders and only about 70 gave me reviews. Any tip on that for a level 2 seller?


29 of my sales came from one buyer! Lucky me! Ha ha!

And the rest is all about how you treat your customer. If you leave your customer impressed they are going to rate you for sure!

Most important trick is “Save the best” (What I call it)

You have to have one feature which are not mentioned in your gig or conversations.Once you deliver it along with that feature, BOOM. He automatically becomes a returning customer. And a great review for sure!


Thanks for your tips! I began in December too :slight_smile: May I ask why you put capital letters on a word in your GIG’s? This is not clear for me.

Do you think you’ve got some suggestions for me when looking at my profile?


Thanks, let me write that down


By capitalizing the most important word buyer will notice that word than usual which a plus point. :slight_smile:

I think your profile is awesome. :slight_smile:

Wish you all the very best!

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Hi eno8design,
You really have achieved a great thing in a short span of time.

Can you provide suggestions for my profile?


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wow that is really great.Within a short period of time you are a professional.
If you don’t mind me asking,can you check my profile out and tell me if i need to make changes to attract buyers

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In my case I’ve not had the same luck as you. I’ve only generated 2 sales in 1 month.

I think I should find a way to redirect traffic to my gigs

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Thanks for your tips :slight_smile:

Congrats… keep it up

Excellent Tips , You shared everything and all what the new seller need to getting orders .

Thanks !