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360$ disappeared from my Fiverr shipping balance suddenly ! Fiverr didn't answer my request!

Yesterday, 360$ suddenly disappear from my Fiverr shipping balance, when i check the payment history it shows :

Banking::ReversalAccountActivity-payment (view order).

What is it means??? Someone can just take 360$ form my account?? User’s account is not safe anymore?

I submited request 17 hours ago and Fiverr didn’t answer me yet.

Does anybody had or having this situation?? Please help me

You should ask customer service why this happened.

I have submited 3 requests in Fiverr Help Centre but no answer !! :-((

Possibly someone did a Paypal chargeback, complained to Paypal and got their money back from them after placing an order with you, so they took back what that customer had paid you.

This is so unfair !! buyer can’t withdraw money from the shipping balance and now someone can just so easily to steal from it !!! once I finish my project here and I get my money back I will never come back here again , this is BS! :(((

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These type of requests should be responded on urgent/preferred basis other wise it’ll effect the potential buyers/sellers base of site. I hope customer service will make you satisfied.

did you receive a link from someone pretending to be interested in buying your gig? it happened to me when I started selling on fiverr… someone sent me a link to “show” me something they needed, turned out it was some kind of malware to access my account, they stole about 85 dollars, fortunately just that as at the time I was beginning to sell. I know this had happened to many people so now fiverr has more safe measures, you should also activate the email confirmation option which sends you an email so that you can confirm a paypal withdrawal, and now I never click on links potential buyer send me, they should give you the material through fiverr in attachment

I’m not a seller and I have clicked many links that seller sent me , it mostly is their protfolio or the websites they did, I don’t think it’s because of the links I clicked…I don’t know…
Puff…I’m so confused…
I think this happened because of the website developer, he cancelled the order whithout even tell me a reason or reply my questions, he just disappeared…After he cancelled the order i’m not even able to contact him again, it’s like he block me or something…

I am also affected by this $96 difference it got deducted from the earned this month and pending clearance … anyone else affected by this ?

Reply to @misscrystal: Yes, I’m still waiting Fiverr’s response…Hope they will answer me one day…

Reply to @tenissiempre10: try to contact them through facebook. they have a quick response there

Reply to @misscrystal: I have heard you talking about PayPal charge-back in another discussion as well. I hope it’s not a 360$ charge-back. I mean all buyers will not do chargeback at once. This is what I guess…

Reply to @misscrystal: I think it may be due to some technical issue

Reply to @tenissiempre10: There are so many requests and each are answered personally, therefore it may take up to 24 hours for a response.

Reply to @tenissiempre10: There are so many requests and each are answered personally, therefore it may take up to 24 hours for a response.

Reply to @haris_hassan: Thank you verymuch, I will try contact them in Facebook

Reply to @danish82: I have been waiting more than 24 hours now:((

Reply to @misscrystal: I think it’s something with paypal too, but how is it possible?? because when i click “view order” to see the details, it goes to the order page i did one month ago with a website developer , what is funny is that the website developer didn’t finish his job and just disappeared and cancelled the order. So the order was cancelled one month ago by him,the seller! how him dare to take me money !! I’m so confused…

Reply to @danish82: It is charged back by one seller, the same exact money i paid to him one month ago…But what i don’t understand is why can he charge back when the order that had already been cancelled one month ago by himself? and why Fiverr doesn’t answer me? :(((