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38 impression no clicks is it bad?

I have opened a new gig, it has 38 impressions but no clicks. Is it bad?
What should I do more??


Its very effective result.
Keep paitent and you will get more impression day by day


how many days now is the gig

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It’s been 2 days. But I have a bad experience with my other gig.

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Well i got may first order on fiverr on my 3rd GIG after 5days!
Mind that i had my first gig created 3 weeks before my first sale!

And i have 3 Order so far, and 1 came from Buyer request after sending 100+ requests!

I’m excited about my earning clearance on first order after 8 more days! :sweat_smile:


congrats on your success. :heart_eyes:

Your can add multiple trending keyword on your gig title

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