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3946 5 star reviews after six and a half years on fiverr

I’ve been on fiverr 6.5 years. In that time I have gotten 3946 five star reviews.

I usually maintain my analytics at 100%.

I’ve never taken any time off in all that time aside from a brief hospital stay, where I continued to answer clients messages from my hospital bed. I almost never take any days off. I do this full time. I do it because of love of what I do.

I have my four most popular gigs now, with the rest paused. None have negative reviews aside from one gig, with three. That’s three negative reviews out of almost 900 reviews on that gig. I have one other negative review on a paused gig, for a total of two 1, and two 2 star reviews; with almost 4,000 5 star ones.

My current most popular gig has zero negative reviews. Recently it was a fiverr’s choice gig. That gig has remained relatively unchanged for the entire time I’ve been here.

I have many repeat clients, some who have come to me repeatedly for years. I’ve been fortunate to have some of the nicest people in the world as clients. Very few have been troubled. Of course when you offer a Love Spell, you routinely talk to some very down, emotional clients.

I was going to wait until I reached 4,000 five star reviews but felt the time was now to post this. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish on fiverr and thankful to fiverr for the opportunity it has given me to be self employed and helping others.

My reviews, as good as they are, often don’t reflect the messages I get thanking me. Sometimes it’s up to a year later that I get a thank you note.

I will be thinking of ways to improve. We have a track record of excellence on fiverr but surely there is always a way to do better.


A big congratulation from me!
I believe you’re a big inspiration for so many new sellers out there, so keep going strong. :wink:
Hope you get to 5k with zero negative reviews and for Fiverr to acknowledge your achievements (they could send some gifts as Youtube does with play buttons. :smiley: ).
The only thing in your post, that I would have to disagree is not taking any time off. I believe, we’re working to live, not live to work. But that’s just my opinion of course, and I do respect everyone’s different views. So congratz again!!

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@matevzs1 thank you so much. I just enjoy what I do and have always been a workaholic. I feel bored when I stop. I like the interactions I have also with clients. Fiverr is unique as a place to work, and so am I. Just love this place. There is no other company that gives so much opportunity to so many people all over the world.
Fiverr needs to get an award for the public service it does.

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Hard work + Determination = Success


Thank you misscrystal for sharing your amazing journey. I agree with matevzs1 you’re really a big inspiration for all of us. I congratulate you on your success.

Congratulations for a 4k reviews in advance. Thanks for sharing it and looking forward for 8k.


Congratulations Thank you for sharing your story. After membership and trying and trying, I was very doubtful about making this full time but with your stories and others. I see where it is very much possible.

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Great to hear this type of story and kudos for stepping back and looking at what you have achieved here because it is impressive - especially looking at the reviews.

I wonder if you might be willing to share a bit about gig pricing and how it has helped you. Being on here 6 years, you have been through a lot of changes in terms of pricing structures and things - from the initial $5 only, to setting your own price, packages etc. and I am sure I have seen your pricing structure change in that time. I’m sure it could help a lot of people who might be worried about the effect of increasing prices.


It happens when you love what you do.

Congratulations! I hope to become as successful as you! Any tips for a fellow spell caster?

I can’t make a general suggestion that is one size fits all about pricing. I kept my prices at five or ten dollars, raising them in 2017 gradually to around $50, as I recall, until January 1 2018. On January 1 I decided to raise prices again, but only because I was sure I had a very high demand for my services.

So that was five years of the lowest possible prices. Sellers need to decide for themselves what works best for them and not be afraid to try different price points.

I kept prices as low as I could to build up a great reputation, which took years, before I ever thought about raising prices.