3D animated logo video intros and a little promo advice


Hello, My name is Ron Allen and my Fiverr profile is at http://fiverr.com/flashofinsanity where you can pick up some pretty amazing 3D video intros. I just wanted to offer a suggestion to other Fiverr sellers on a great way to promote your gigs. Yahoo and Bing are now offering $50 in free advertising on the Yahoo and Bing search networks. I personally used the $50 credit to promote my Fiverr profile. This is a great way to get that extra exposure you need and if you turn off the ads just before the $50 credit runs out, you will not have to pay a single cent. I used this method to promote my tattoo studio website a few months ago and traffic to my site soared. I am sure using this same method will sky rocket my gigs in no time flat. I hope you find this information helpful.