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3D Logo purchased. How do I use it / save it. etc


I have had some great work done on here and want to use my new logo. I am not photoshop or graphic guru. I have been sent PDF files and GIF files as well as JPG but what can I do. The GIG one seems to have a white woven background that pastes with the image so its not a transparency. Anyone help ??


You haven’t accepted the order yet.


I didnt want to accept until I was happy & I cant usevwhatbhas been sent as a logo. Just need to know how to communicate this clearly as I’m dealing with someone with limited english


I don’t know what was the original offer for, but a quality logo design has a vector file format in which case you should ask at least for a high quality JPG and/or PNG (transparent background) logo that can be used for the web.

If it wasn’t included in the original offer anyway, you should ask for the source files as you might need them later on.

Hope this helps.

Good from you that you deal with this issue in such a way. Giving out a bad rating after not being content doesn’t always solve anything.


Hi, I did get a PNG file but when it opens it isn’t just the logo it has a white weaved background that isn’t transparent. Am I doing something wrong ? do I need a special software to open the PNG with transparent background or should I just be able to copy and paste it ?


No, you’re not doing anything wrong.

Ask the seller kindly to remove that background. Tell him that you want the logo on a transparent background. Just the logo, without any background.

He can’t possibly not understand that and be as good as he is. If he isn’t doing it then he’s playing games with you.