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3D modeling software gurus read this


So I completed my graduation in automobile field and I’m looking for a job and meanwhile I’m also thinking to start freelancing on fiverr with 3D modeling software but I haven’t learnt any software properly and I’m going to do it now as I’ve some free time.

So my question to all those 3D designing freelancers is, “Which software should I learn?” Yes that’s the question lol. Please suggest a good software from this list.

  • Catia

  • PTC Creo

  • Solid Works

  • Auto CAD

Should I go with Ansys instead?

Note - Please tag design guys here if you know any.


I guess there are 3d modeling software gurus, then there are 3d modeling software gurus.

It just depends which background they come from.

I myself am more from the 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, Cinema4D, Blender environment, more from 3D modeling furniture, characters, architectural buildings and for 3d printing.

From the programs you have listed Ive heard about Catia and Solidworks (haven’t seen their interface so only barely heard about them), and I know AutoCAD.

It depends what would you use the modeling package for, but I see that it would be more in terms of mechanical parts than actual commercial images of cars strictly for advertising? I can only talk more depth regarding the latter.


I’m thinking about offering design of mechanical parts.


I suggest you go on reading forums where people talk about this indepth specifically. Visit the forums of the software companies you have mentioned, read the threads there, ask some questions and also ask what people think in regards to competitive software (some forums allow mentioning competition, you need to see how it is on a per forum basis).

Other than that look for forum where people talk about 3d modeling of mechanical parts, read and ask some more, ask people to tell you their experience.

Visit software developer home pages, compare prices and features, check if they have options for a perpetual licence or if they only have options to rent (or both), decide which is better for you by weighing out cons and pros, download trial versions where possible, run the software to get a feel for the interface. Watch tutorials of where people show how they model and use the software (yes for each software you are thinking of choosing).
Take notes and compare overall.

This needs time and commitment if you are to choose what is best for you, and there is no way of winging it.
Pretty much 3D software from the top shelf targeting a specific industry should be similar in capabilities, but I think you should strive for an industry standard, a package which is required by most companies in a specific field, when they recruit.

This is too specialized to ask on an open forum like Fiverr in my opinion, where most posts are about people complaining about not getting gigs and asking for work all over the forums.

However, what I have posted above is how I would go about this matter if I was to pick a 3D software package for myself in any field, if I was to start my 3D training all over again.


Thanks alot it’s really helpful.


Well, I’ve tried learning 3D software for years without success: 3dsmax, blender, maya, modo… They weren’t for me (or I for them :smiley: ). Until I found Cinema 4D, which was the easiest of all for me, with the same (or more?) power than the previous ones I couldn’t learn.

Now, I don’t know anything about all those other software you mentioned, but my point is that you should get a taste of each software in part and see which one feels right for you and easier to grasp, since obviously every one of us have different learning methods and one software’s learning curve may be easier for you than another.

However, if you think about putting up one or more gigs for that, I’m not sure how much demand will be for those pieces of software you mentioned, whereas all those popular 3D programs will pretty much always be in demand. OK, maybe autocad will also be always in demand, as it’s one of the most used in terms of actual CAD.


There are alternatives to AutoCAD in terms of computer aided design, that people started to look into after Autodesk had changed their pricing scheme to rent only mode. BricsCAD is one example.


@sanverma96 Please give me some tips and what do you think about this.


@shubh2012 I just took a look at your gig with Ferrari. Can you tell me what software is that and also can you help me with this question.


I don’t specialize in 3D modeling but 2D so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to help but here’s my opinion.
Even if you are going to work on 3D, it would be wise to learn a 2D software as well which makes the learning process of 3D easier (based on my experience of using Autodesk Softwares).
For 3D modeling of mechacical parts, I would advise Autodesk Inventor or CATIA and Solidworks.
I read that you are interested in designing mechanical parts and I have some mechanical engineer friends using those Softwares and making a good living outside Fiverr.

P.S - As you said you’ve completed graduation, you must have been taught 2-3 Softwares in college (at least one of them would have been for 2D and others for 3D) you should learn those as you know their basic and college curriculum includes them in the syllabus for a reason (widely used in your field of work).

Good Luck!