3D Modelling and Animation Request for $5?! What the hell?


I have been learning 3D modelling and animation for the last 4 weeks to offer more services on Fiverr. I am still very new. It is very tough work learning 3D, not to mention the time and money I spend on it, and it will take me couple of more months before I can actually start creating something. I just wanted to see what kind of work I will be able to do on Fiverr when I am ready, so went through the Buyer Requests section quickly and I saw this ridicilous request.

Buyer says he wants to have his static images turned into 3D animations, and as an example attaches Nemo animated in 3D. Everything is fine so far. But, at the end of the request he says the budget is $5 and it is fixed :slight_smile: Seriously? What the hell?!


Hi, what should it be, what would be a reasonable price?
I see things like this a lot in buyer’s request.


I asked my animation teacher how much he would charge to create a similar 3D model + animate it, he said no less than $300, which would probably give the “$5 buyer” a heart attack.


Buyer’s Request does not seem to be the place for those who charge more than $5.


i had a gig to do 3D 2D home plan and i removed. when i was new here on this market place i created 6 signboard model and one cafe floor plan for 10 usd together with 3/4 revisions just because to get first review for the gig. i waited 2/3 months for first buyer knock. i just shared my bad experience and bad luck :slight_smile: