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After cancelling order by fiver why dont refund fees charged by fiver

third class service FO810BA3CF353 refund my all orders that are canceled by you and fees charged unnecessary

also asked same question for facebook

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If order is cancelled then you dont have to pay the fee next time you order on fiverr

why next time for this order total cost is 157.5 but refund is 150$
this is called 3rd class service it should go to my bank so i can use it not your portal very bad and cheating type service

for this order i brought hosting and domain what to do with that due this 3rd class fiverr company

As stated in Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

" Fiverr does not automatically refund payments made for cancelled orders back to your payment provider. Funds from order cancellations are refunded to the buyer’s balance as credit and are available for future purchases on Fiverr. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include service fees paid."

When you created your Fiverr account, you had to check the box stating that you have read the Terms of Service and that you agree to be bound by them.


good rules but if the order is canceled by you why are you charging us its called looting

why its not going to my account do you understand companies should conduct their business relationships with suppliers and customers in a fair and reasonable manner

I’m not charging you. This is forum, it’s buyers and sellers here, not Fiverr staff.

If you wish for your funds to be returned to your payment provider, you’ll need to submit a ticket to Customer Support.

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sorry its not for you Mam its for Fiverr only i already have ticket

but i thought its fiverr staff

You’ll need to wait for their response, then. Nobody on the forum can give you your funds back.

Fiverr staff rarely responds on the forum, and never in cases like this one, because it’s for Customer Support to deal with.

You can recognize staff members by a badge and the “Fiverr Staff” label next to their username.

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yes thanks for your reply and time to enlighten me have a great day ahead

may be you can suggest an alternative to fiverr if possible its difficult to bare such thing for startups like us we should focus to build the business or this things

There are other platforms connecting buyers and freelancers, if that’s what you’re asking. You can try Googling “fiverr alternative” or “freelancing platform”.

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Thanks mam let me check