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3rd Month with no earning

I have no earning even having 5 gigs. What is the matter. No one gives me work when I request. Whats the wrong with my vectorizing, logomaking and typing gigs?

This is my First month, and i got 16 sales.

Please put some attractive images.

E:g: which i want to share.

I started transcribing service the transcribed rate is 5$ for 10-20 mins this is what mostly charge. What i rate people is 5$ for 45 mins. My rates are too low because right now i need peoples to order my Gig for Good reputation.

Dont ask for too much as you are bigger on Fiverr. Upload videos share it will help you boost your sales.

First of all, graphic design is very competitive, so it takes time to get business. Add more detail you gig descriptions so people know more about exactly what you will do.

Check out the top rated sellers in your area and see what they say. Don’t copy but use that level of detail

Also your average response time is 9 hours. Need to get that faster. Get the phone app so you can respond quickly. Sales are lost by slow replies.

You have no samples in your logo gig. You have to show people samples of real logos that you created, not just fake samples that say “logo creator”, but with real company names. If you do not have any real clients, then make up some good company names and create sample logos.

Go look at the top rated sellers in logo design (and for each gig similar to what you are selling). Take notice of the type of samples they have, how their gig description is written up, and how their profile is written up as well. Then compare that to what you have and you will see the difference and get some ideas of how to make your ads stand out.


I think the below steps will help you

  1. login to fiverr daily
  2. Be active in fiverr forums and discussions
  3. Modify the gigs
  4. Be patient

    Thank you :slight_smile:

You need to use all the tools Fiverr gives you.

In your gig description, use ALL the space to talk about what you can do.

In the preview area, include TWO PDF files of up to 3 pages each that you fill with samples of your work.

In the meta-tags, be sure you’re using all FIVE meta-tags that you’re allowed to use (your best-seller is only using 3 meta-tags.) Tags are important because they’re what makes your gigs turn up in search results.

I’ve got some more tips from what I learned on my way to Level 2, but I don’t know that they’ll be useful for you. You can read it here: Good luck :slight_smile:

I just know Fiver today!no advice for you but good luck to you in near future

maybe a video can make it better

Lots and lots of advertising - have to bring those gig rankings up for people to notice you on this site.