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3rd party violation


Fiverr delets gigs like review posting and send reason your are violation 3rd party privacy policy.

How can we avoid this that fiverr never deletes gigs and we follow rules.

If we go in depth then every posting, linkbuilding is violation of 3rd party privacy policy.

For example we make account on google with fake name to post now this is violation too.

I think this way all internet business goes in hell?


Do thinks that done involve 3rd party sites?! It seems so simple an answer, I feel I’m not really answering you.


Reply to @anarchofighter: In case of directory submission for example how can we make changes in our gig so that it will not violate the 3rd party violation?


Quick question are you mentioning the sites names is you title or description?


Dont do it and breach fiverr rules simple!


Reply to @ozzieuk: Not this time but in my last gig there was names of some of the directories.


I hope mentioning youtube in your description doesn’t get your gig removed, otherwise I better go change it!


oh that’s good, I can calm down :-SS . Did you get my message I sent you last week there?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: thanks.