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3rd party violation?


I’m a game programmer and started a gig yesterday that says I’ll make a custom zombie video game for anyone (for birthday, events, jokes, etc). I did all of the programming myself and also edit the game and graphics for each customer. My friend already purchased the gig after I told him about it. Now, it’s pending review, saying it has potential 3rd party violations (don’t know why if I made it like anything else on the site), but I don’t know how long this is going to take… Any ideas?


Sweet. Sometimes it just takes them time to process and approve, esp since this is different. Interesting gig idea.


Alright! They fixed it! Woot!


On the upside, after reading this I added your gig to my collection “Heart-Stopping Fiverr Talent” - it’s very cool! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments guys! I’m glad they were thorough, I was beginning to worry they wouldn’t approve it after working on the game for a while. Thanks for adding the gig to your collection, ruanna3! :slight_smile: