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3rd Time Suffering with CHARGEBACK


This is my 3rd time suffering with Chargebacks, Fiverr You guys needs to step up in this Issue!

This is another situation where the buyer marked the order as complete and gave me 5 stars, and after a week i see the same order as been canceled and I have a big negative balance in my account!

And Fiverr Support team always says: " there is no way around that process. Whether or not the order is completed with 5 stars or not".


Because this problem is not affecting fiverr is affecting us THE SELLERS, The Buyers gets OUR WORK and THEIR MONEY BACK. And we Stay with a negative balance to Pay FIVERR, that’s not Fair!

SELLERS please share your thoughts!
I’m so sad and tired of this situation.


Yes… Perhaps Fiverr can do that. But then again, Paypal would not agree to those terms and since Paypal has monopolized the online payments business to such a huge extent, Fiverr depends on them heavily for their business transactions… This gives Paypal the upper hand at deciding what can and cannot be done (Paypal’s ToS states that ANY customer of theirs can request for a chargeback up to 6 months after the date of that particular transaction… No questions asked. PERIOD!)

A lot of sellers have come to the Forum complaining about this exact same thing - CBs… and it is totally understandable (since it is like all your hard work amounted to zilch in the end). However, since it is not in Fiverr’s hands, I am sorry to say this - but the only thing we (as sellers) can do is to be very careful in deciding whom we work with (buyers).


there’s no way we can know who’s a legit seller or not.


Yes, you are absolutely right… But there might be a couple of things you could do…

As soon as you get a message/order, first check the buyer’s profile… Do they even have a profile? I’ve heard of cases where the buyer’s profile was no more active when a seller got an order from them and proceeded to check the buyer’s profile out… Next… do they have a picture that seems legit? Check for how long they have been on fiverr (there is usually a joining date mentioned on their profile) Look for their digital footprint (only to check, don’t try and contact them outside of Fiverr though, that’s against ToS I believe)… See if they have left reviews anywhere else on Fiverr… These steps may not really guarantee your ability to single out a CB scammer. But it helps to develop a gut instinct… And most importantly, trust that gut instinct. If you feel iffy, then it might probably not be a good idea.


Yeap! but fiverr needs to do something!


Hey, Alcy!

I remember you, you’re an awesome dancer and I’m shocked that you’ve been taken for a :oncoming_automobile: ride again.

CB totally sucks.

Read the thread below this Seller got a refund.

CS is currently working with PP on this Seller’s behalf.

Maybe politely ask CS to fight this charge for you.


The way things work around here have a tendency to rub off on you… When I was new to Fiverr (I joined on the 30th of June I think), and when I first heard about this CB BS, I was enraged… LIVID… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I had posted so many messages about this in the forum… I had even contacted CS so many times about this issue… asking what kinda protection Fiverr offered to their sellers… But after seeing so many such instances being reported on Fiverr, I started to turn indifferent. It was not like Fiverr was doing something about these CBs either (well, except for the 2 cases which @nikavoice was kind enough to append).

And right now, I am more like… meh… whatevs… If it happens to me, I guess I gotta deal with it… If CS can do something about it, GREAT! If not, I’d probably just move on (if it were to ever happen to me). But then again, I guess… some things are easier said than done… I will probably only realize the gravity of such a situation when I experience it for myself.


It’s like having somebody stealing from your wallet - It really is as bad as that. :frowning:


:crying_cat_face: :sob: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Oh yeah! Just wait, Immagine spending nights working on something and then buyer(Scammer) Takes your hard work and get’s his mo.ney back, you have a negative Balance to pay fiverr?
only when you experience then you’ll know the pain.


OH YEAH! that’s sad!


Here’s a hypothetical scenario.

  • Working on a project for hours and hours.

  • Sweating :sweat: and staying up late and not eating the best foods to get the job done.

  • The order was for $14,583 :moneybag:

  • :truck: You delivered the work.

  • Got a 5 :star2: the Buyer was tickled pink.

  • Then a few days later a cancelled by CS due to a CB.

How would you feel?


I think the fact that I experienced/ did :arrow_down: things even without having personally experienced CBs probably sums up my impression on this topic.


Exactly that’s extremely sad!