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3rd World Shake Down of America?

I don’t know how many sellers I have run into lately from the near and middle east that employ bait and switch tactics, ask for far more than $5 for poor quality work, and are rude and arrogant on top of it. I am getting very leery of ordering from certain countries. I’ll stop here, before I get even more “politically incorrect”, but I sometimes feel “hatred of the west” is being played out on 5er.

Just be sure to NEVER communicate off line with anyone (buyer/seller) ever. One of my buyers told me a story that would make your skin crawl.

I can sympathize. I have a degree in International Affairs and even I’ve started groaning when I see orders coming in from countries that shall remain nameless. They want the whole world for $5 and don’t care about you the seller at all- just what they can get out of you. It annoys me to no ends. I used to be very tolerant and now I’m glad that I just can’t actually physically see the buyers that annoy me on a daily basis.

That said, a lot of my buyers are great and fun to work with, but at least 4 times a week, I get a total creep. :-/

Bait and switching isn’t legal on Fiverr. You should report them. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s bad practice and harms genuine buyers and sellers.

As for the arrogance part: I always send a few messages before ordering a gig. If I sense for a moment the seller doesn’t have good customer service skills I don’t buy.

Interesting point about hatred of the West. Maybe they just see you as somebody with more money and are eager to get a piece?

I’m learning that about the contact; unfortunately, it seems once you contact some of these guys, they’re on you like sharks, won’t take no for an answer. I look for certain country flags, and pass on by… Seems like there was more professionalism and politeness a few years back, when I first started using 5er.

Yeah, us rich Americans… unfortunately, there are very few as sellers on 5er, especially when it comes to the tech stuff. Americans have a significantly higher cost of living than the middle and near east, so they don’t even bother with 5er, and if they do, they seem more up front about what they can and can’t do, and graciously take no for an answer.

Here’s my viewpoint as a seller: Nothing frustrates me more than a buyer placing an order without discussing the project first. I frequently have to inform the buyer to cancel the order.

I’d like to see a feature on fiverr that requires sellers to accept the order prior to clock beginning to tick. Buyers regularly place $5 orders with me without discussing the project. Have you had this problem?

Every order should have a two-way mutual acceptance requirement. Otherwise this mutual cancellation thing will continue and I just don’t even like to see it on my record. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.

I agree totally with the two way acceptance requirement, I spend more time explaining to buyers than I do actually doing the work sometimes. I do like the new extras bars at the bottom of your window that allows us to send them the extras they require, it does make it a little easier.

What does arrogance, being rude, or bait-and-switch have at all to do with "hatred of the West?? Are you saying that these people do not employ bait-and-switch tactics with other countries? Or that they turn off arrogance, and being rude when dealing with Eastern countries?

Fiverr is global, there’s no hatred of the west or anything like that. Also, do not assume that because someone is from another country he’s gonna try to screw you over. I’ve had good and bad experiences with people from all over the world.

In fact, Fiverr is one of those places where an Israeli might be hiring a Pakistani and a Greek might be hiring a Turk and the Irish hire the British. In other words, people that might hate each other, have strong cultural biases, usually get along here. If you deliver quality, on time, I don’t care what your views happen to be.

I’ve had mixed results with Fiverr Sellers myself. But don’t trust a flag or claim of being in a specific Country, because I’ve discovered that the crappy Sellers will lie. Have completed (and I use that term loosly) 4 gigs.

The first from someone that had the flag of the USA, claimed to be in the USA and that they spoke English. Definitely not the case, the “English” was so broken that communication was nearly impossible. The seller did the job, but I don’t like people who claim to be something they are not. I told them not to lie to customers when it’s obvious their command of the English language is so poor that they can barely comprehend simple sentences. Gave them a good review for the work, but I won’t purchase again.

Had a phenomenal experience with a Seller from the UK on my second gig.

Had a tardy, but good experience with a Seller in the USA on my third gig.

The 4th Gig really pissed me off. Seller marked gig as complete, provided no evidence of completed work. I sent a message and screen shots regarding the issue. No response. I gave a poor review. Sellers account no longer exists under that name, but the same gig and graphic is back up under a different name. Total scammer and is what causes people not to trust Fiverr.

As a caution to other Buyers, before committing additional $$ for gig extras and add on’s…try the basic gig first to make sure the Seller actually follows through with the basic gig promised and that you are good with the level of communication. If all is good with the basic, then hire them again for gig extras.

Reading your post actually made me feel defensive. Interestingly enough, for the 8 months I’ve been working here, I could count on one hand the number of people from “the near and middle east” that I came across. I’m not saying they’re not around just because I haven’t seen them, or that they don’t use such tactics, but if one judges that a certain region is aiming towards a “3rd world shake down of America” then based on my own experience with rude, arrogant buyers who employ bait and switch tactics that expect a delivery beyond the $5 specification, then I could turn the tables and say that sometimes I feel “hatred of the middle east” is being played out on Fiverr from specific regions too. But I don’t think that, and any form of displeasure makes me work extra hard to understand the buyer and meet their expectations in the future. However, sometimes it doesn’t work out and one has to learn to let things go. Assuming things like this is the reason not only online marketplaces, but the global economy, could potentially collapse.

Of course, you’re free to express your thoughts and opinions, but I had to put my five cents in. No form of offence was intended.

I don’t believe there’s any hatred of the West being played out here, but there does tend to be an impression in certain regions of Westerners as being so well off financially that they can milk us for more than their service is worth and we shouldn’t complain because unlike them, we have money to burn. What’s $5 to an American, after all?

The only thing to be said about them is they need to learn that the Western world is very big and the part of it that can throw money away without blinking is very small. Beyond that, there’s an obvious divide between sellers from more impoverished regions and those from areas that tend to be more prosperous as a whole.

A lot of third world sellers are more desperate, so they’ll do whatever it takes to get sales because it makes that much more of a difference to their quality of life and since many of them don’t have the proper means or skills to do what they’re offering well, they don’t produce work of a quality that warrants paying them.

That’s a mix that’s destined to fail. Many resort to using other people’s work as their own or making grand claims about abilities they simply don’t have just to get someone to buy. They know they’re being deceitful, but their desperation takes priority.

While there are certainly plenty of first world sellers struggling and using sites like Fiverr to keep food on the table, the number is far less than those in these other regions and often, they do at least have the appropriate background and tools to produce work that’s usable.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being mindful of that and in general, trying to avoid sellers who seem so desperate for money that they’ll promise you the moon without being able to back it up (and get nasty about it if you won’t accept that).

But I think trying to spot that from talking to them is better than trying to spot it with flags, even if it does happen to you more in one direction than the other.

The part about “won’t take no for an answer” certainly is true. I asked a simple question to a seller, and got bombarded daily for a week with increasingly rude questions and comments about when I was going to buy his $5 gig and why did I even ask if I wasn’t going to buy, on and on.

Just terribly desperate, and so angry I asked a question and then didn’t buy from him, but I could tell immediately when he first answered that he wasn’t someone I wanted to deal with.

Reply to @misscrystal: I’ve experienced this a lot. With some sellers you ask them a simple question and it’ll be weeks before you shake them off. My friend has an old account she doesn’t use, so I get her to ask questions. I use mine for business and really don’t like getting bombarded with useless messages.

That $5 sale must mean life or death from the sound of it.

Just because someone asks a question does not mean you are allowed to keep sending them messages for days.

I am a seller! (Graphics Designer) When someone ask me for price or design or sample i just only reply his/her questions that he/she require the answer. If he disappeared after some messages i just send him “Hi Any update” and if i have no reply after this message i just move.

Reply to @pfpgogo: I can appreciate desperateness, us “rich Americans” have our own struggles with everything costing 10X what it does in India, Bangladesh, and Morrocco (one of the country flags I will definitely pass over. Have had interactions with 4-5 Morroccans, way too much nasty attitude) I think Fiverr perhaps should have online workshops for “Western Professionalism” since most of the work is coming from the Western world, and being badgered with bargaining, dismissed with rudeness, and even ridiculed for “stupid” questions is not acceptable to Western buyers, although this sort of behavior might be acceptable in other parts of the world. And if some of these guys really think their skills are worth “10 gigs” instead of one, then perhaps they need to migrate to other venues.

Reply to @misscrystal: That’s what I’m talking about. I wonder if that anger and resentment is directed to the West in general, considering how the world is going. BTW, I had a disturbing incident involving a contractor from another site; I had hired a young Pakistani woman to help me with social media, including managing a Facebook page. I really liked her, very smart, creative, hard working. She eventually began disappearing for a week, a month, reappear, work some more. She sent me a few emails about how much she loved her job with me, but appeared to be having trouble juggling her life as a mother and wife. Eventually she just drifted away. Then I got a Facebook friend request from a man with the same last name as she had; I looked at his profile, and he was smirking and aiming a rifle at the viewer, with extremist flags in the background. What can you make of that? Just saying, as world politics play out, I think we need to be cautious about who we give access to our computers and online life.

Reply to @km0000: Three words: agreed :slight_smile: