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3tips to Get a fast order in new account


I already have offerd for 5 orders
in this new account
just follow my gigs


WOW what a profile…I will make my profile you


Ugh. Shut up. Both of you.


Wow, you have 18,000+ happy buyers and all 5 start ratings, without having a single sale or review.
Did you know that lying requires a little bit of, errrrr, an IQ?


to my another account

I wonder what would happen if Customer Support’s Trust and Safety Team had a field trip to the forums. Place would be a graveyard after a couple of hours…


Common-sense will perhaps be better.


Let’s hope that they have a picknick here soon.


This one (with both accounts) has been reported. Of course, when someone is this blatant, I can’t see them fooling many people. I don’t think T&S will ever visit the forum. They could just read My Fiverr Gigs and the Ranting Pot and feel so overwhelmed they would need a vacation.