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4.00 review for a satisfied job

Recently i finished a new job .this is the second job from same client .at first job he gave me 5 star .But second job he gave me 4 start although he was satisfied .When i asked him ,he replied me is there any difference between 5 star and 4 star ??


Can happen. Even without needing any revisions I still got 4* review, might as well mention I got tipped too. Nothing can be done about it. Buyer leave the review based on what they feel is right. By messaging the buyer about the review they left won’t be useful to you rather you will be violating rules for trying to manipulate reviews.

Move on! If they do the same thing again, you can block them if you don’t want to work for them.

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better to get 4 star review rather then get no reviews like meh!


Not really. If your overall rating drops below 4.7, you lose your level (or can’t get the higher level). A 4 star review lowers your overall rating.


As @pyonarts if CS happens to see you asked a buyer about a review, you will get a warning. Also, it is now impossible to change reviews so forget it and move on. :wink:


is it possible to override the ratting?
like someone has submitted already 4 star and now he wants to make it 5 now.
so will the buyer be able to do it?

Never ask customer service to change the rating. That is when they will check the conversation between the seller and the buyer and when they see the seller has asked the buyer about the rating they give the seller a TOS warning! :scream:


Many thanks for your valuable reply @vickiespencer
i just about to ask my buyer to put star

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There have been people who posted that just by mentioning the words review or stars they have received a warning or at least the dreaded :red_circle: box around their message.


As @vickiespencer told you, don’t do it, or you risk getting an account warning, or even getting banned. Don’t even mention reviews, and don’t say anything that could be seen as trying to make the buyer feel bad about the rating they gave you.

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@catwriter thank you sir for your information.
this will help me a lot in my future.

If you take a closer look at cat’s profile picture, you will see she is quite a cute girl.

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No. And it’s not effective to try to change these things. Focus on getting five-star reviews and then you won’t have to worry about the occasional four-star or lower review.

And I’m curious why this person wants to change their review… Did you tell them it would affect your rating? Because that isn’t allowed, nor is influencing a rating in any way.


We must be “conformist” with the reviews left by the buyers, whether you want to or not, because the “revisions” can not be changed. you just have to work hard always waiting for the best comments from the buyer

be careful, if you respond to someone about their review, fiverr gets upset. their ToS system says you cant manipulate reviews

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It’s better not to ask. If they leave no review, that’s OK too.

The star system is similar to the movies.

5 stars: excellent
4 stars: very good
3 stars: ok
2 stars: bad
1 star: very bad

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Never talk about a review or mention it at all to the buyer. No matter what, or how curious you are, forget about it.

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4 is great! Almost perfect. No one is perfect, so don’t worry about it. Except technically Fiverr requires everyone to be perfect, as average rating of 4 would be significantly less than required to level up. :grimacing:

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Never mind, this may happen sometimes even if you have done a stunning job…

Yes, I have also the same problem and completed just 11 jobs with 11 review, And the last review was 4 star. After that, I didn’t get any jobs. Any suggestion for me ?