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4.2 review and a ToS warning

Hello guys! Today I got a 4.2 review from a super happy buyer. Our order was still taking process - by that I mean, that the order was completed, but I still have work to do to help him. I asked him what was wrong with my service and how could I better it as 4.2 is not what I’m aiming for. He then responded that he closed the tab and that he got it wrong and that he will contact Fiverr’s Support to change his feedback, to which I responded - “they are not going to do anything about that, it is what it is”. I then followed up with - " I don’t really see why you left a review when we are still currently working on the project", to which he responded “I’ll do everything I can okay?”. I told him “it’s up to you, don’t do anything on my behalf” to which he responded “I’m sorry”. I told him, do not be, as Fiverr’s team can interpret it as feedback manipulation and it may get me in trouble. Then I followed it up with - in case you decide to contact them, let them know that our project is ongoing.

Basically, the buyer left a 4.2 review. I took my time with him, I delivered good work and I told him that we’ll still work more on it for free as he demanded more work to be done, so I felt upset when he left the 4.2 review before completion. He initiated and insisted on contacting Fiverr’s Support to change his review and after he went along with contacting them, I told him to at least let them know that we’re still working on the project. Little did I know. I got a ToS warning right after. This order not only got my gig to steady 4.9 which won’t change anytime soon, but I got a ToS warning for it and I was just having a treat, waiting for my evaluation for Level 2 on the 15th.

Anything I can do about it having in mind that he was the one who initiated contacting CS?

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The buyer contacting customer service wasn’t the tos violation. You asking what you can do better for a higher rating in the future was the initial violation. When it comes to ratings and reviews, it’s best to completely leave it alone incase it’s misconstrued.

They probably won’t remove the warning but as long as you don’t receive another one in the next 30 days, your level is safe (your dashboard will show the warning criteria as grey not a red fail).


Well, I think that a question on how to better services shouldn’t be regarded as “Feedback Manipulation”, especially when the Feedback already took place.

Also, a question I have - are the ToS Warnings permanent? I literally filled all the criteria for Level 2 today and this just bashed my day. I’m not worried about maintaining my level, but for my account overall.

Review manipulation is not allowed, don’t complain about reviews, don’t use the word review, don’t ask them to change reviews.

He contacted CS because you complained about the review you got, CS can see that. If CS hadn’t seen that, you’d probably be OK.

In the future, remember you can block buyers that give you low reviews. I would never block someone who gave me 4 stars, in fact, the only people I block are those who demand refunds.

Yesterday I had an impossible buyer, hated my work (headlines for Teespring t-shirts), and I can’t afford a bad review because I’m at 4.5 already. My order completion rate (OCR) is 100%, so after he asked for a refund, I gave it to him. Now my OCR is 99%. I can live with that.


The thing is, he was SUPER HAPPY with my work. He was just new to Fiverr. We all know that 4 stars on the platform structured as is, isn’t good. I basically asked him how can I better my services. He felt the need to talk to Fiverr to change the review and by that, he not only pummeled my gig, but he also got me a ToS warning. Funny thing is that I promised him to deliver some extras for free and I’m feeling really stupid right now.

Doesn’t matter. Just forget this ever happened, move on and avoid the word “review” like the plague.


For the future, I sure will. Will my ToS Warning disappear eventually? I’m really worried about it. I contacted CS and I’ll try my best to let them know of the situation and I hope it gets removed.

It’s not a serious warning. So it will get removed in couple of months.

I received few warnings in the past, I have heard getting 3 major warnings will suspend the account. So I contacted the cs to see how many warnings I have. They said none. So I figured some warnings are not permanent.

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That’s liberating! Thank you for your reply.

Your warning will affect your stats for the next 30 days. It will also be permanently attached to your internal account (i.e., warnings are cumulative, as far as banishment is concerned. Fiverr can always see any warnings you have received.)

While that might seem like a completely logical thing to do in the real world, it’s like running over an old lady as far as Fiverr is concerned.

The simple rule is to never ever mention reviews in any way. Don’t even say "Hi, can you review this draft version of your order and let me know if it’s okay." If you do, you will only end up appearing in the crosshairs of Fiverr’s seller death ray.


How should I approach this manner then? What would you do in my situation? Would appreciate the advice

Just ignore the review. If the buyer (as some do) decides to keep on ordering and always leaves a less than stellar or negative review, just block them.

It sounds like your buyer just made a mistake. However, some buyers do have a kind of complex where they leave poor reviews out of principle. They are the ones to watch out for.


That’s how I’m going to go for it, yes. What about the ToS warning? Should I just ignore it and move on

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Well, you can’t fight it…

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Just move on. The longer you spend energy over this the worse you’ll feel and the outcome won’t change. Some warnings go away over time so let’s just hope it’s one of those. Just get in touch with support in a month or two and ask them about it.

As has already been suggested by other forum users, the best way of approaching such an issue is by never approaching it.

We already know that Fiverr doesn’t change reviews and that any and all reviews left by buyers, irrespective of whether they are intentional or not (misclick/mistake), are permanent.

Also, as you have already learnt from your experience, you aren’t allowed to bring up the topic of reviews with your buyer.

So what this all means is that reviews are permanent (even in case of a misclick or a mistake on buyer’s end) and that you are not even allowed to ask your buyer for feedback (on how to improve) or even so much as indirectly refer to the review left by them.

If the buyer, even after having expressed great satisfaction and joy in working with me, were to leave a 1-star review, the best thing for me to do would be to just ignore the review/buyer and just move on as having a negative review is better than receiving ToS warnings and getting my account banned/suspended.


Do you mean that you have delivered incomplete work?

That could be the reason for a warning, too.


If a seller can’t ask from a buyer about how to improve the service offered, what elses seller can do? how sellers can improve them selves? As long as seller is not asking to changes in reviews there shouldn’t be any problem from my perspective. Seller should have the ability of asking what they did wrong and what things that they possibly can do to satisfy the buyer. That way the seller will get ability to satisfy future buyers., otherwise how could they learn?

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I thought you were sticking around forum for long enough with all those troubles to see and read the things you shouldn’t do.

Seriously I’ve been on fiver for quite some years and I didn’t have a single warning. Of course it might sound logical to ask for a feedback but in reality a client already left a feedback and even asking “what I can do better?” Already implying that you kind of pushing them to see if they will have guts to admit in your face what was wrong. And actually most people in this situation will just fall back and say it was by mistake. (And in your case get afraid that you will refuse now to deliver those freebies that you promised)

4.2 in my view is not a mistake. It means that they left 5 stars and 3 stars when leaving a feedback, which they needed to select. And that doesn’t happen by accident. So no wonder fiverr sees this situations as feedback manipulation.

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