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4.2 review and a ToS warning

In my opinion as long as I’m not telling him to contact them I shouldn’t get punished over it. He basically initiated it and I told him it is what it is. He then continued to talk about it and I just went along with it, as I thought “I didn’t persuade him to do this and he is the one initiating it” so my logical expectation was that I wouldn’t get shit for it.

I got 3.7 the other day from the person who seemed to be overjoyed working with me and I didn’t do anything about it. You can’t do anything about it, end of story. Unless you’re actively trying to acquire an account warning or an account suspension that is.

You can thank all the sellers who would bully buyers into leaving 5* in the past. You can also thank all the sellers/buyers who keep complaining that having too much 5* reviews is “suspicious” and a sign of something fishy going on. We used to have more flexibility with reviews (especially if it’s a mistake or an intentional attempt to influence you made by the buyer) in the past, now we have none at all.

The buyer sneezed while clicking through the stars and gave you 2.4 with a glowing review and a tip? Congratulations, now your review history is more realistic and trustworthy.

You’re technically still allowed to ask the buyer what you did wrong (according to CS) but a) I don’t see a point if review cannot be changed, b) it’s risky if you accidentally word it in a way that may seem you’re attempting to influence the buyer to change the review.


Just got back from Support. I’m convicted of the thing I didn’t do.
"Per our Feeback Guidelines, sellers are not allowed to ask buyers to contact Customer Support to remove their rating."
I never asked him to contact Customer Support. He did it on his own and that’s why I contacted them. I just messaged them to recheck the case and I hope they deal with it accordingly. This sucks!

4 stars aren’t the end of the world, in fact, it gives you gig credibility, it lets buyers know that you’re human. It would be rare to have someone that only gets 5 star reviews, it happens, but it’s not common.

My advice to you would be to move on. Don’t let one bad review get you down.


Yep. The review isn’t the problem tho. The problem for me and what upset me was that I got a ToS warning because the buyer contacted CS to change the review, but I never asked him to do that. I even implied that he shouldn’t do it and at the end I got a ToS warning for it.

Before the last message I sent to them, I reread the feedback section on the ToS and I did not in fact break any rule, as he did that on his own. When I tried to clarify that, what I got from CS as a response was this:

“It was at the discretion of our Trust and Safety department and I assure you that they deliberated over the matter and a conclusion was drawn.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to remove the warning and it will remain.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

I love the platform, but some things are just so wrong.

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I’m not saying that you’re in the wrong but reading this does kinda makes it sound that you weren’t satisfied with the review left. Let me reiterate, you need to avoid talking about reviews altogether and it doesn’t look like that support will remove the strike but if you keep pushing they might just disable your account altogether so I advise you proceed with caution.


Yes, I feel what you mean, but if we have to be concrete, the ToS says nothing about that. Am I wrong?

You are not wrong. The TOS does state that review manipulation is a breach of TOS. However, it is clear that what constitutes review manipulation, is open to interpretation by Fiverr itself. Sadly, the topic of buyers contacting CS to ask to change reviews independently has already been raised several times. To date, it seems that as soon as they do, Fiverr simply classifies this as manipulation and this likely won’t change.


Cyaxrex, you’re always spot on. I feel like we have no rights at all and what sucks is that our hands are tied.

The warning will go away after a certain amount of time, maybe 30 days. As long as you don’t get more ToS warnings, you’ll be fine.

These are the things that can hurt you:

  1. Maintain a 4.7 star rating, over the course of 60 days
  2. Complete 90% of your orders, over the course of 60 days
  3. Respond to 90% of the inquiries you received in the last 60 days
  4. Deliver 90% of your orders on time, over the course of 60 days

1 and 2 are the hardest to meet.

same here!

Super Happy Client gives 4 star.
it was my first…
i kindly stress him and asked go contact with CS and do something.

and i got ToS warning ^^,
actually that ToS W pretty helped me for relaxing ^^,

I won’t accept any order from that buyer.
if i explain the reason in here, probably i will get 2nd :lol:

I got a 4.2 review the other week. The buyer loved my work. This is what led to the lower review: Would you order this gig again? They said no, and gave me 3 stars I believe. Of course they weren’t going to order my gig again, it was a one time project! So, I get punished because of Fiverr’s ridiculous wording and feedback system. But it’s okay, as it all evens out in the end. It’s best to complain for a day, then move on.


I got lower ratings because of that, too, for the type of gig that people typically only need once.

Must be a nightmare for logo designers, as well. I mean, how many logos does a company usually need?


I feel you, but you asked the buyer to contact CS. That may count as feedback manipulation, as in my case, I did not ask him to do that, he did it on his own and I got the warning. That’s why I’m so frustrated with this.

That is just awful! They should be aware of this!

I’ve read somewhere that we’re also not allowed to (try to) make buyers feel bad about the rating they gave us. It also counts as feedback manipulation.

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actually if the CS guy read the whole our conversation,
he could understand my deliver is perfect.
buyer asked 2 times re-delivery just because he used pirate software.
i’m creating digital puppets for Adobe’s Character Animator.
they recently upgraded it to v.2.1 (you need to use win10)

my client uses v2.0 and can’t open my proper puppet.
and also admit that he using pirate software.

i said him that i kept my old hard drive which had v2.0 (on win8) and re-rig his digital puppet exchange of extra $20, he said his budget has limited (!? dude you are pirate you don’t have a budget lol) with $15.

i accept it but asked him first he should complete first order. i added a real time screen capture video that shows all the features of puppet. (order delivered right in time, order as described, and he has me on the other side of the screen. I always replied him in a few minute perfect communication.)
i gave him 5 shiny penta object and compliment to his brief case.
he returns my favor with 4 shiny penta object. on all cases…

i asked him why he gave that 4 shiny penta object he replied me “i can’t open your file”
he couldn’t say “i didn’t wanted to trust you, i’m a pirate, i know how this things goes ok!”
he couldn’t understand that video is proof of his order is finish.

Fiverr, we are working for common benefits. we shouldn’t faced with conflict of interest things.
I’m really famous around my clients with “no revision needed” %83 of them rated with 5 shiny penta object and honest reviews. %17 probably one time [especially my first client] buyers). Even i can’t imagine that kind of nice words for myself ^^,

It’s business, i’m taking it serious and i suggest you too Fiverr
I’m so close to my 5th year in here. I experienced lots of thing with you; good ones, bad ones.
I can pretty assure you, i kicked a lot of bosses back and survive.

I can live without Fiverr, it’s not the end of world.
Please kept this relationship alive ^^,

That sounds like a ToS violation.

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could you explain it how?

ah i understand, what part you didn’t understand right.

first order v2.1 puppet. should be closed because it’s done. (it’s $50)
second $20 part is different “custom” order
includes Serdar remove his new ssd harddisk from his laptop and switch it with old hard disk
open old version of the program, and re-rig the puppet for v2.o and put my new ssd to laptop again.

actually it takes more time that the $50 job.

and here is our lesson


it always disappointed you.