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4.2 review and a ToS warning

My last reply is literally from 5 days ago. Why are you talking in present tense? Literally it was inactive and you replied emphasizing on stuff that I already addressed in my other comments. So basically the thread is alive because you were late to the party.

Her last reply was from 4 days ago, after a Fiverr ambassador responded to you. Then someone decided to make a generic comment today (possibly because they think that generic comments will bring them orders), and then you replied to her comment from 4 days ago.


I said to someone who left me a particularly stunningly good review
“Thank you for your nice review” and for one second I was
blocked from entering the site.

I don’t know if it was connected to saying that but it was very strange.

So avoid using the word review–even if you are thanking them for a good review… It seems like that word will get you a violation or banned.

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As I see your profile you have almost all 5 star reviews, I hope last 4.2 rating doesn’t effect much in your average review.

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I think sometimes they’re in a hurry and don’t actually read your message properly, so their response doesn’t make sense. Hopefully you get a real answer the second time around.

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This is why it’s so important to know the TOS intimately and read the forums periodically. Our logical expectations have nothing to do with what Fiverr decides to do. It’s essential to keep ahead of these things so we can see these hazards coming and avoid them. Common sense is not enough.


“Our logical expectations have nothing to do with Fiverr decides to do.”

This simply isn’t true. What happened here was someone broke the terms of service, which we all agree to before we become sellers, and then faced the penalty outlined in those terms.

Seller disagrees, but that’s only because he/she disagrees with an element of the ToS. He/she doesn’t think she should have received the penalty he/she did. Unfortunately that’s not how ToS work. You don’t get to decide your fate and there isn’t a free pass to break the rules if it’s only to a certain degree and only under certain circumstances. Rules are rules. Legally, it has to work that way.

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How did I break the ToS? Quote them, please, as I’m pretty familiar with them. Buyer contacted Fiverr on his own. I told him to not do so, but he insisted. As a last resort I told him - “In case you do contact them, just tell them that we’re still working”. Please elaborate, or am I missing something? This is a problem that has happened over and over. A lot of the sellers who reported the same problem didn’t even chat with the buyer. Cases where the buyer decides himself that he wants to change the review and the seller gets a ToS penalty. Adrover was super spot on with her statement. It’s all up to Fiverr and it gets me pretty salty that you haven’t been in a similar situation, yet you’re 100% sure in your righteousness. Seems a bit arrogant.

Multiple sellers here have tried to help you by highlighting what you have done wrong (in the eyes of Fiverr), in the hopes that you will avoid making the same mistake again. Rather than appreciate the feedback, you’ve vehemently denied any wrong doing and argued with your peers (sellers just like you).

If you feel like a warning has been given in error, you should contact customer support, however many sellers, myself included, believe the warning put on your account was correct in this instance. The buyer’s actions do not matter, it is your actions which led to theirs which matter (which I have stated multiple times and you have ignored).

As I stated earlier, one warning on your account inside 30 days will not affect your level when it comes to evaluation. I recommend you take the warning and move on.


This was the violation. You can’t say this.

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I moved on since day one. But you all have something to say about it, so I keep getting back. Can a moderator delete this thread already? Every time I put a post on here I regret it the day after and I feel poisoned by the toxicity.

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That there’s fighting talk!

I’d second closing this thread. It seems to be stuck in some kind of annoyingly critical time loop.

Surely, there are more meaningful things we could all be arguing and finger pointing about?

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OP sees a pop up for each of these critical posts. So he will remember.

It sounds like the OP still doesn’t know what happened that was wrong.

I hope the topic is merely closed, not deleted. There is no reason to delete this discussion, just because you don’t like people pointing out what you did wrong. I hope this thread can be closed, be remain readable, so you and others can learn from this discussion.