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4.3 Feedback Bug And its Cousin, The CS Bug


Good morning all - I hate posting in the ranting pot, but here goes.

Having got my level 2 back after the dramas of ‘buyer ordered by mistake’ etc., delivered 600 orders with only 4 feedbacks of less than 5 stars, and generally kept my clients happy over the last few years, it’s all gone a bit haywire.

Put new gigs up recently, so few feedbacks on any of them. Out of the last 3 orders, 2 of them have been left as 4.3 - in both cases the criteria have been scored in exactly the same way:

The first buyer actually left me a tip - I asked what I could do to improve in the future - they said nothing as they were really happy with what I’d done and the feedback score must have been a problem at their end. By that time it was too late to ask for a feedback modification, so I suggested they ask CS if they wanted to, but of course the CS ticket system doesn’t seem to be working.

Second 4.3 buyer - same scores as shown above, positive feedback comment etc.

So I now have 2 gigs with feedback scores of 4.7, 2 out of my last 3 feedbacks are 4.3 and it seems CS can’t be contacted to ask what’s going on.

Now I have to decide whether I remove the gigs with the 4.7 scores to reduce the visibility of the 4.3 feedbacks which it seems were left by mistake/bug etc.

Please - I don’t want the advice that if I sell a higher volume of gigs the feedbacks will naturally increase etc. - I just want the right feedback score to be left for the work I deliver to clients who are happy, and to be able to contact CS if I need to. :sunny:


This issue has been going on so long, I kinda forget about it until someone I like says it has happened to them! The ridiculousness of it is baffling - surely there has to be a way to sort this out so it stops happening!


Cheers @eoinfinnegan - I’m just feeling more than a little frustrated at the minute. Get everything back to where it should be and then something else happens to dampen the spirits! :wink:


If the bugs on this site were all fixed it would be so much less stressful. At least once or twice a week I spend time battling some kind of bug.



Same thing happened with me. Notification says buyer left a 4.4 review and it was 4.3. The buyer has given me a TIP too as the buyer was very happy with the end product :slight_smile:

This bug is undetectable. We need a :genie: to resolve it!! :slight_smile:


Interesting that your stars are exactly the same as mine BTW!

Check this one out - 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 all for the same order.

It’s not just we sellers who aren’t being shown in our best light - how accurate are the feedbacks from a buyer’s point of view?


Lorna, there´s just one thing that can help you against the Feedback Bug, you should hop on the next train, right after summer break.



Dang, this place got more creepy crawlies :spider: than an old decrepit :derelict_house: house. :confused:
This is a SERIOUS matter that should be taken seriously. If Buyers are intending to leave 5 :star2: for Sellers, they are cheated from receiving lovely 5 :star2: reviews. Every little bit helps, especially with this St. Level’s Day thingy in effect. Grr!


Finally got back to 5.0 today after the bug episodes - yes, it really has taken that long! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay!!! Phew! At least it happened! LOL Congrats! :sunglasses::grinning:


They fixed that bug?


Don’t know if they have yet I’m afraid.

@socialhonor thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be nice if they did, I don’t see that they are fixing bugs at all, they are just adding new stuff


Yup. Like dealing with landmines by attempting to burry them deeper.


Coincidentally, I think I just found a new review bug. After several backbreaking revisions on an order, I deliver only to get a notification that the buyer had left a 4.5-star review.

This is crushing for me at present, as almost all my reviews are becoming glowing “excellent seller!” reviews plagued by 4,7 stars. However, when I clicked on the notification, it took me to a review for 5-stars.

The only question is, does this 5-stars now count with Fiverr as 4.5? - My guess is probably. :frowning:


I don’t know how it counts, but it is weird. When you get 4 stars for example, it drops to 4.9 without reason. It should’t drop that quickly


It’s because there is no real math to anything. Everything just counts as 1. - Apart from cancellations which depending on how they happen, I’m almost sure can get counted as 2.


Damn, 2 months, anyway…


The gremlins are laughing their arse off behind the scenes right now. :joy:

They love breaking shit!


Recently when I review my purchased orders, this error shows up quite often.
Sometime there is zero star in 2/3 section.
Since I’m always careful with my review, I modify it immediately so no problem for my sellers. However I see it’s really a problem for many seller. This glitch should be fixed real soon.