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4, 4.3, and 4.7 out of 5

Be it basic, standard or premium package, I handle my each and every order with the same level of commitment. I always make sure to meet the expectations of my client and even sometimes over-deliver the work just to have a better buyer-seller relationship. Whenever the requirements are not absolutely clear to me, I always ask for clarification from the buyer on the order page so that we can get along on the same page. Maybe that’s why I hardly get modification requests.

I always make a delivery when I’m pretty much convinced that the buyer would be satisfied with the work, and would leave me a 5-star review because I’ve hit the mark. It happens most of the time. But not ALL of the time. I can literally tell from a buyer review or our inbox conversation that the buyer is completely satisfied and is very happy about the order. I have even received 3 liner reviews of how much they liked my service and how much timely it was, but with a rating of 4, 4.3, and 4.7. Just as much time and effort we put in the work we do, buyers should also spend some time on understanding what ‘rating’ is. I once had a review of 4.3 rating and got 4 stars in two of the subcategories (service as described & buy again or recommend) and literally minutes after the order was completed, the buyer referred me to his friend annd got me an order from him. A week later after that, he ordered from me again. TWICE!. The point is, if my service is making you order from me again (over thousands of other RATED gigs), why did you give me a 4 in buy again category. If I wasn’t up to the mark, why am I being tested again? Buyers should know that all positive ratings are not same for the sellers. If the buyer is fully satisfied, he should leave a perfect 5. Numerically, there’s not much difference between a 4.7 and 5, but for us sellers, it is a huge deal. Even 4.7 is still digestable because it is rounded off to 5 in analytics section, but 4.3s and 4s really piss me off. It is really frustrating sometimes to not grab a perfect rating on a perfect review.

From what I was told by another buyer, not here, was that even though the work was done to satisfaction, they don’t believe in perfection; if that makes sense. Not all buyers are going to rate this way but some will.

Try not to think too much about how buyers are rating you and enjoy the fact that you’re actually being rated; not many sellers receive a rating from their buyers.

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Buyers can leave any review they think best reflects their experience working with you, and sellers are not entitled to 5-star reviews, just because we want them. Rounding reviews up, so that a 4.7 is a 5 kind of defeats the purpose of a statistical review system. And, to be honest, I think most sellers would rather have a 4.3 than a 4.