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4.5/5 Star Reviews

What a new and exciting way to ruin someone’s day.

I agree. I have been doing this for close to six months and just a few weeks ago, received my first 4.5 star rating. And the thing is, I did exactly what the buyer asked and he even gave me an excellent review! Once I saw that, my heart just sank, but what can you do? Sadly, nothing. But I did message and ask what I could do better next time (because he is a reoccurring client) to exceed his expectations. What’s even worse is that he replied and said not to worry about it, I did a great job. Okay then… :confused:

Good luck from here on out though! You must be doing something right to be a top rated seller!! Congrats on that, and I hope to be there one day too :slight_smile:

LOL, yeah, I’ve had my issues with the Positively Negative review,

"It wasn’t what I expected."

Well, why didn’t you ask for a revision? Really, getting 3.5 stars is a bit of a downer. On the other hand, at least is not a negative review.

I love (and I say ‘love’ very sarcastically) when you see a review like “absolutely wonderful work, I’m ordering again now” and the rating left is 4/4.5 stars.

Yep, under the old system a 4 or 4.5 would of been a simple thumbs up.

Always check though to make sure it wasn’t on accident. This is especially possible using the Fiverr app. You click the five stars and it doesn’t fill them all in. I know to check and make sure but some folks may not. I mention this because I too had a repeat buyer give me 4.5 and I messaged him and said, “It’s totally up to you how you rate me, but usually you give me 5 and this time you only did 4.5. If your not happy with something, I want to fix it for you.” He messaged back and said he was sorry about that and that he thought he had done five stars. He went back and changed it to five stars. Obviously this isn’t always the case but it definitely could be, so if it seems odd than there is nothing wrong with checking to make sure! No one wants to lose there percentage due to an honest mistake.

Reply to @missashley8705: This happened to me too, I got 4.5 stars and asked the buyer, he said he gave me 5 stars on his tablet, and got back and changed it to 5 stars.

yah got a few buyers who wrote good reviews but gave me 3.5 or 4 star ratings. I was like wthell.

I think, just in general, some buyers don’t understand how ratings affect us, both personally and professionally. It has been smoothed out slightly by the fact that individual ratings do not show up next to buyer comments, but it still smarts to get anything less than a 5 star review–especially when you know you delivered to its fullest extent.

hahahaha ella I can’t believe, it’s like I started a topic, absolutely the same thing happened to me.

it seems that 4.5/5 is a good rating - is it not? 9 out of 10 amazing

Reply to @jezjonson: It is a good rating, objectively. But, especially compared to the old thumbs up/thumbs down system, the difference between a 5 and a 4.5 feels pretty subjective (at least to me). If you delivered your gig 100% of the way, why shouldn’t you get a 100% rating?

Reply to @ellaisreading: The same EXACT thing happened to me!

I even gave the buyer my extra-fast gig for free.

Now I’ve stopped worrying about my 100% rating and focus on my core customers and giving my best effort to them.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Yup! I like your first sentence. So so so true.

Reply to @jezjonson: One day when you’ve done enough gigs to earn one of these green, purple or yellow badges you see next to our usernames, you’ll understand :slight_smile: