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$4.5 in my balance?

Technically I have $9.5 in my balance right now? If I spend $5 there’d be left with $4.5. How am I supposed to do with that?

Don’t ask me I don’t know how it ended up there!

Well that is a Problem so I suggest maybe you should ask your Seller a Custom offer of 9.5$ and Ask him Double the work. For example if you want to work on a logo design then ask him 2 logo’s for 9.5 instead of 10$.

or maybe you can ask him a source file of the logo. Whatever work you want. It depends on you. How you can utilize in buying the things.

Is it possible for the seller to send a custom order of $9.5? I thought fiverr was all about $5?

Yes he can send you a Custom order of 9.5$. 5$ is basically the Minimum amount to work on and a new seller you can Send a Custom quote of maximum of 325$. Level 1 is i think 1000+ and Level 2 is 10000+ and TOP RATES Seller maybe more than 10000.

When you place a $5 order then you are actually charged a bit more, I think it is $5.50 or something similar.

Seems fiverr rounds to whole dollars. Custom orders can be $9 but not $9.5.

Nahh with enough funds in the balance the payment will be funded directly from the balance which charges no fees.

Then the only Choice that is left is Create a 9 Dollar offer and leave the .50 as Charity. haha :slight_smile: (that’s a common saying in our Mother Language ‘Urdu’ whenever you’re stuck in this type of situation)