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4.5 rating and can't send Buyer request

Hello guys, i have worked so hard to get back up to 4.5… Now i still get i can’t send buyers request. which requires 90% positive rating. 4.5 is upto 90% or is there something else i am missing here?
Please check below images… i have met all requirements.


Overall rating is at 4.7… everything is green

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One person said it was actually the % of positive reviews you have that needs to be at least 90% eg. maybe you need at least 90% that are around 3 stars or above. But that didn’t seem to be that way with some who couldn’t send offers. Currently you have 83.3% that are at 3 stars or above (the 10 that are 5 stars). edit: though really 2.66 is > 50% of 5 but maybe they don’t count it as a positive rating.

If it’s based on being at least 4.5 stars average:
You have
2.7 (2.66666 actually but we don’t know if they round it before totalling)
the rest 5 (10*5)

The average of those is 4.47222 (or 4.475 if they assume one is 2.7 stars), so while the average, rounded to 1 decimal place is 4.5 (and that’s how it shows on the profile in the all-time average), maybe to send offers to buyer requests it’s calculating it to more decimal places rather than rounding to 1 dp.

You could ask CS to get a definitive answer for what things need to be to send offers to BR (how it calculates it).


@uk1000 I calculated using 3 stars, however, checking the order i saw 2.7 stars… if it is 2.7 then it is 4.75. so it means i need one more job done to round up officially at 4.5
Which is
11*5= 55+2.7=1= 58.7/13= 4.51…

If i am correct, may need more explanation on this.

That’s incorrect because you don’t have 11 5-star ratings. You have 10 5-star ratings. 12 Ratings in total not 13.

((10 * 5)+2.66+1)/12= 4.472 to 3 decimal places
((10 * 5)+2.7+1)/12 =4.475 to 3 decimal places

Both are under 4.5 unless it rounds the answer to 1 decimal place, like the profile average does.
It might also be because some stats might only update once per day and the latest rating is less than a day old.

But contacting CS could let them give you how it is worked out exactly I think, like I said.

Best to wait for a day or so.

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@uk1000 I was not wrong, i was asking about doing an extra gig which makes it 11. then 11*5=55+2.7+1=4.51. if my stat is not 3stars but 2.7… Maybe i didn’t make it clear earlier.

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Possible, cause my average rating was at 4.6 stars and took a day to update to 4.7

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Sorry yes, you are right, one more job if it’s 5 star rated should make the all time average go >4.5 stars (even without rounding). It should be around 4.513 after 1 more 5 star rating.

But it might allow you to send offers anyway tomorrow if it updates stats used to check the buyer request page tomorrow and if that’s based on rounding the whole result to 1 dp. Or you could try reloading the BR page just to check. If it still doesn’t allow you after tomorrow you could still contact CS to ask, though it may work it out more like I said rather than rounding to 1 dp.


Thanks @uk1000
I will leave it till tomorrow. Happy new year.

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