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4.7 and 4.3 bugs are still crawling?

Are the 4.7 and 4.3 ratings from the app still a problem? I ask, because I’m getting these more often and I hate having to contact buyers to ask “did you mean to leave this rating…” as it isn’t their fault and they shouldn’t feel pressured. So I’m just checking to see if I’m getting them intentionally or if it is Fiverr’s app.

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I have the same problem very often. I even havent know that this is bug.

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I’ve heard several sellers mention that this only happens when the buyer does it on their mobile device.

I reply back to my sellers in delivery that I will accept when I get home. I figured better safe than sorry.

Until it’s fixed, I’d recommend you ask buyers to wait until they are on an actual computer to accept.


Yes indeed, I know it is the app problem, but as you can imagine having to state this to all buyers can be problematic. I leave the buyer to decide which platform is best for them, some only have mobile. I know it is a case with, state it or accept it but we shouldn’t have as it is a Fiverr platform issue.

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I completely understand what you are saying. I read the forum a lot so I knew about the glitch that some sellers didn’t know.

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I’m not sure if the bug is still going on, or if buyers just don’t really pay attention to reviews and then try to cover that by saying they thought they left a 5 star review. I have this feeling that the new buyers who came on Fiverr just don’t know the importance of an accurate rating and don’t really pay attention to how a review could affect our sales.

One thing that I noticed is that once I got my first 4 star review, it was followed by other 4 star reviews within the time frame of a few weeks. I also think that buyers might leave reviews upon having the influence of seeing the other ones, which is not right.

At this moment, I am very disappointed with my experience on Fiverr, especially in the last few days. The more sales I got, the more rude and unprofessional buyers I encountered. It seems like no one even reads descriptions anymore.

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Yes! It is still going on. I just got a review from a client for whom I worked all night and he should be over the moon for meeting the deadline. But I get a 4.7 Rating and canned review saying “Good Experience” - happened last hour!