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4.7 rating...but I want more!


Hey Fiverrs

So here’s the thing, order completed and received a 4.7 rating. That’s 5 for the first two and 4 for the last one, think that’s the recommend one.

Now I have a 100% rating, well not anymore, it’s 99 now and that’s with 50 reviews and about 80 completed orders.

Question, do I ask for the seller to get that up to a 5? Okay well I’ve already asked the seller if there’s anything I can and offered a refund (its $5) so I’m fine with that. If that fails and the buyer doesn’t want to change it should I then just tell support I want to cancel it for no good reason other than I want to cancel it (well for my 100%).

Am I crazy? Do I let sleeping dogs lie? Also I understand that ratings are gold so I’m coming from the highest rating will bring me more in the long run versus the $5 now. Apologies for errors in the post I’m typing on phone.


As you are the seller, you could ask and answer yourself, lol.


I don’t want to answer that question… :thinking:


You just did :slight_smile: (20 character BS)


This right here is the reason why cancellations now have a negative effect on sellers.

You did the work, you get the money, you get reviewed. End of story.
Don’t look to manipulate the system, don’t cost Fiverr money by refunding, don’t give the buyer the unrealistic expectation that if they give a less than 5 star review then they will get the work for free every time.
Have some consideration for the rest of the sellers on the site and get over the obsession with a 100% rating.
Who cares? I buy as well as sell and frankly a 100% rating on over 50 orders is more of a concern than someone with 99%. It immediately makes me wonder how often they cancel because I know many sellers behave exactly like you do.


With this answer, we should consider this thread as good as solved.
Better impossible :thumbsup:


Lol that was enough of an answer


You probably had the app bug which turned your perfect 5 rating into 4.7 stars.

The client you had used the app, and gave all 5 stars, but it ended up showing at 4.7 stars.

It is a bug on the app. You should have asked him if he meant to leave 5 stars.

It is not allowed to offer a refund in exchange for a better rating or to remove the review.