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4.7 rating from buyer

Hi. finally I got an order but he gave me 4.7 rating (4 stars in communication). And he was asking about myself, age, sex and country? What was wrong? :thinking:


You shouldn’t have shared personal information with him. Maybe he was expecting you to give your entire personal history, then he would have given a 5. :roll_eyes:


It is sad., people give orders because of gender.

Not always. I guess, next time, maybe just stick to the work, and not share other personal details with the buyers. You can tell them it is against the TOS to share.

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don’t worry …4.7 is positive rating …would you believe that i recently got 4.7 from my client with TIP …


Don’t worry,
Try to understand client
What he/she want to say…
Best of luck for future :blush:

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Thanks to all.:slightly_smiling_face:

same thing happens with me today. It’s for the first time a buyer has given me a review. He was satisfied with the work and gave me a tip as well. But he gave 4-star on service as described. I understand why he did this. I was supposed to send him a draft copy before submitting the final delivery. But I couldn’t. He is certainly happy with the work but he gave me an overall 4.7 with a tip. Should I be worried with 4.7 rating?

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i believe 4.7 is good rating …do you?

same happened for me also, a tip and 4.7 rating :thinking:

4.7 is perfection, so you should be thankful that you did such a good job! Only 5.0 is the next best one you could get, which is even more perfect. But sadly Fiverr thinks 4.7 is not good, so it’s under the accepted 4.8 minimum (Average). :neutral_face:

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