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4.7 review - ouch!


Well it had to happen … I had 2 reviews lately for 4.7 after a great run of all 5 stars.

The first 4.7 review was gutting but the second one got me worried because I’m pretty sure I did everything and more to ensure the client was happy. Also considering his comments were…

“Great experience! I would def Collab again!”

Something had to be wrong. so after some thought I contacted him and asked politely on how I could have improved my service. It turned out that he had pressed the wrong rating as he was on his mobile and he didn’t know how to correct it. He had wanted to give me all 5 stars.

So anyway by going through the resolution center he corrected the review.

So if anyone else is in the same situation its worth trying :slight_smile:


You are luckiest person on fiverr believe me :sunny:


The same thing happened to me except I didn’t get it fixed.

I delivered extra work for the buyer for free because I had a bit of extra time and the buyer was completely satisfied with what I gave him. But he gave me a 4.7 star review. I asked him what I could have done to improve and the buyer just completely ignored my message.

Out of my 31 reviews, that is my only one below 5 stars.



actually if the buyer has a genuine concern with my service then I really want to know what it is. I’d rather give my work away free, rather than have a unhappy customer who feels they did not get what they were expecting


It’s an app problem that’s been around for a while:


so question is do I go and ask the other 4.7 reviewer :frowning:
its been a week now


I really wouldn’t bother - 4.7 is so close to 5 that nobody else will worry about it.


Yeah, It’s really work. 3 times for me

Once a buyer left me a 4.3 star. When I message for the reason than He replied that he hit 5 star on everything. Don’t know what happen but I Got 5 star it through resolution center.


Oh. Would it be possible for this to review to be changed to 5 stars by customer support then?


You can always ask them! :sunny:


The same thing has happened on the Fiverr app to me before,seems a glitch to me as my buyer wanted to give a 5 star but mistakenly left 4.7 as well!