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4.7-star rating glitch

I’ve been hearing stories about the 4.7-star rating glitch and I think it finally reached me so to speak. My last few orders all have glowing feedback, and the clients are contacting me for additional work: at the same time, however, they all left 4.7 stars, with one star off the Communication with Seller section.

Of course, it can be a simple case of my buyers thinking my communication is lacking but given that it’s always the same scenario, I think I might have fallen victim to the glitch. Fellow sellers, how do you approach the issue - with both clients and CS?

I would feel really bad asking the buyer why they took a star off and it seems presumptuous to ask if they meant to leave 5 stars but only left 4.7, but at the same time, if it’s a glitch, it’s impacting my star rating… Any tips and guidance would be heartily appreciated!


Best not to - your buyer might feel bad as well.

Please complain to CS - they’ve known about the 4.3/4.7 bug for ages, and yes, it is having an impact on sellers.


Don’t ask, if you do you’ll be accused of manipulating (or trying to) manipulate the buyer and get a warning that’ll stay on your analytics for 30 days.

I also had this issue of 4,7 star getting freezed even if i got a ton of 5 star ratings for a couple of months. i asked CS twice and the both times they said it was not a bug and its all in the math. I had no option but to wait. after some time, the ratings started to respond. im not sure if that was a bug or the 60 day cycle getting affected.

I’m wondering if it might be other than a strict mathematical percentage.

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i assume as well.

What if you message your customer “Thank you for purchase! I see you’ve left a 4.7 star rating. May I ask if there is anything else I can do to make sure you have a 5-star rated experience?”

Most of them say “well you didn’t reply to me fast” or some other response, which is whatever.


I think something along these lines could be very useful.

I’m always looking for feedback from my buyers, getting a lower rating than I’m used to would definitely have me curious. Tough part is buyers aren’t always available for feedback during the process, that’s when I get nervous around review time lol

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I’ve done this and I’ve never gotten introuble. You shouldn’t get in trouble. If it is anything it is to help improve your service for future customers.


yes, I would be very particular about how I worded it.

All I know is I asked a customer who blatantly lied is his review to “give an honest review”… didn’t ask for a 5 star, or a great review… or offer anything in exchange… and I got a warning about manipulating… which stuck with me for a month.:eyes:

My thing was - our communication had been GREAT up until he reviewed, so should have been 5 stars, I did exactly as described on my gig description - easily validated, so… should have been 5 stars. And lastly if he wouldn’t recommend me, that’s his prerogative, so 1 star was cool… BUT all 3 categories were 1 star, which was far from an honest review. Ultimately, HE was abusing the system, by giving a dishonest review… so I asked him to change it to an accurate reflection of how our transaction had been, and that was enough for me to get a warning.:no_mouth::expressionless:

So… that being said, I’d just be real cautious in saying anything. I steer clear now.

I think patience is the best policy.

This is a fantastic response, thank you.

I tried that, however, and I immediately got the red warning under the message. Knowing how Fiverr is with automatic warnings, I have a feeling I’ll get a strike regardless of how I phrase it (so that it’s clear I’m not asking for 5 stars but simply looking for a way to deliver 5-star experience) :confused:

As far as I can see, you can’t say “review” OR “rating” or “star” lolol…:joy:
My response said review as well, and was flagged. … merely asking for an “honest review.”

Its always better to stay away from mentioning these TOS violation terms. lol.

Because with my method, technically I am not asking for a change in review or any modification of some sort. It is a way of room for improvement.

Ugh, just got two of them today from very happy clients, one of them a returning customer.

This could be a problem given the fact that we need to maintain a minimum of 4.8 stars in 60 days.

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