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4.8 rating requirement biggest problem


I think the 4.8 rating requirement will see many people demoted to a lower level. I qualify for TS as it is at the moment, but a disgruntled buyer left me a 2 star review, this saw my rating plummeting from 4.9 to 4.6. Just imagine the number of sellers that will have a similar experience few days before the 15th of January. I think 4.8 requirement is a little out of touch the reality.


I think it’s about time they weeded out some of the levels.


very bad news dear. i hope your will be solve very short time


If you’re referring to TRS, I don’t see how you qualify at the moment, because a TRS has a high volume of sales that can’t make their rating drop from 4.9 to 4.6 after a single bad review. More so, after looking at your gig prices, I can’t see how you managed to make over $20,000 with the current prices, which is another requirement for TRS.

Anyhow, maybe I’m wrong and don’t know the whole story :slight_smile:

P.S. if that feedback is unfair, you could try contacting CS about removing it.


Actually the thing is quality work if you are providing quality work then you can easily achieve 4.9 ratting


you are right, @arijkhan1


Quality of work ensures the rating


I don’t see how (and I’m not referring to your earnings).

None of your Gigs is rated 5.0 stars generally, which is jarring on its own.

Having had a cursory glance at your Gigs in their totality, you also appear to have a problem with delivering on time in some instances.

You don’t really respond to negative feedback, which is unprofessional.

Right now, and in my opinion, you need to focus more on improving your service on Fiverr. I’m not trying to offend you by saying this, but you do not deserve to be a TRS at this time.


I was here almost three years, with no bad reviews at all, never had a late order, never had a missed delivery, all 5 stars, and was doing an excellent job in every way, and still it was not immediate that I got to be a top rated seller, so it is not easy to get it in my experience.


Feeling sad for you dear, but never lose hope keep running…


wow this sounds delicious good luck have fun :sunglasses:


I actually kind of agree


Agree. Have perfect ratings and you shall have levels. :thinking: Even 4.5 rating is great and far above average, but apparently not acceptable.

If you for example get

Communication With Seller :star::star::star::star:

Service as Described :star::star::star::star::star:

Buy Again or Recommend :star::star::star::star::star:

It would only be 4.7, which is below the minimum required.


Oh, they respond to it, but in a mocking and unprofessional way. They said on more than one occasion that the low review they got was a “mistake” by the buyer, which I don’t for one second believe. They also talked back to a client after the seller got sick, which to me isn’t an excuse for not asking for a time extension unless you are comatose or something.

But I do agree with you that they are not in any way close to being TRS in anything but name. This is the reason why the 4.8 rating requirement doesn’t bother me. As long as you are delivering quality work, providing quality customer service, and getting enough orders, then this really isn’t an issue.


Shouldn’t translatorking have a picture of a male and not a female?


I wonder!
Maybe kings are now female, nobody can tell.


I think there is a problem here.
I noticed the OP hasn’t replied to any of the contributions that have been made so far.
I OP doesn’t reply, how then can we continue this topic. I think the OP was touched by this post

And this


Me and others simply expressed what is in plain sight by looking at the OP’s gigs & pricing, and how what OP said doesn’t seem to align with the requirements for TRS.

I hope your previous post wasn’t an accusation to my address - I just stated what others have observed, too.

I didn’t know there was a need to continue threads. If a thread doesn’t continue, it will just linger. Nobody is required to continue a thread - conversation should flow naturally, not forced.


How can i accuse you? You said the right thing.

From my recent check through the OP profile, i can see a 4.8-star rating which opposes the 4.6-star rating she mentioned earlier here


A bad rating won’t affect too much when you have a lot of 5 stars completed orders. Try to get more orders to compensate it. Good luck.