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4.9 rating change to 5star rating


fiverr have 60days course to maintain 5star rating or 4.8 rating, my question is if a person have 4.8 rating and he complete 60days course without any bad rating again, would fiverr will mark profile 5 star again, or it will still remain 4.8 star rating. sorry for bad English.


It depends on how many orders you have in that 60 days. If you do not have any orders your score will stay the same. I once had a gig that had 4.8. Star rating. It took almost 20 orders 5 Star orders to raise it to a 4.9.


Yes, it will happen when you have many 5-star orders.

Yesterday I saw a Top Rated Seller whose most recent review was a 1-star review for being late, but their average was still 5.0.

Don’t be discouraged. Keep providing excellent work and your score will improve. Do not let one stumble put you down.


thank you all yes i done my work all the time best but with one person the order was only for 3 fixes and i have done 8 fixes for him and he still wants more and more and give threat also for low rating and bad review still done more work for him and he give me low rating and bad review, should i put this case of rating to support because the fault not from my side.


You should try. It is unlikely it will help you, but if you write a carefully worded explanation it doesn’t hurt.
Quote the part in the Terms of Service that says that buyers are not supposed to threaten sellers. Then ask Customer Support nicely if there is anything they can do to help.

They will probably just recommend that you try to work it out with the buyer. They may cancel the order, so be prepared for that possibility. It never hurts to ask Support for help but it seems that they don’t usually intervene with reviews anymore.


This is the LAST 60 days average.

The 1 day it will come tomorrow, will discount 1 day in the back. Anyway, it means the average of your rating in the past 60 days, and not every 60 days it will change once.


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