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$4 away from Level 1

I have a query:

If an order is automatically marked as completed tomorrow at 03 PM (Pakistan Standard Time), will I be promoted to Level 1… I have $396 and a $100 pending until tomorrow.

If this sort of query has already been answered, I sincerely apologise. I tried searching but apparently failed :pensive:


If all of your stats are 90% or better and you have $400 plus at that time you should be promoted. If the funds do not clear in time :confused: you may have to wait until next months evaluation period.


Thank you for responding! It is 90+
It will be 400+ tomorrow. Will that count towards the evaluation or it should be 400 on 14th?


It depends on your evaluation day. Mine is on the 14th, some other sellers have theirs on the 15th.

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The promotion will happen for different regions in various time frames throughout the day and It counts only cleared payments. So let’s say it’s your luck if you get promoted tomorrow. :wink:


If that’s the way it is, I’ll report back tomorrow with either a :trophy: or an :egg:

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I have achieved the $400 threshold but haven’t received either!
twiddles thumbs
resumes working

I didn’t knew funds should be cleared to level up :frowning: I have done 600$ worth of work which should cleared in week :frowning:

Check the app homepage → Next level requirements (tap on it, it is a drop-down) → 60 days as a nobody, 10 orders, $400 in earnings, and 30 days without warning.

Also: Fiverr's Levels

Don’t worry, a month will be gone before you know it! : )

400$ thing is filled so I assuming It doesn’t matter if cleared or not ?

If 400 is completed, then that means those funds have already been cleared. Otherwise, it doesn’t show on the progress bar.

Here cleared means you have done the work of that amount and orders are marked as complete, You earned that amount !
It doesn’t mean cleared to withdraw to the bank !


The best thing is wait and see what happen

wipes away happy tears and resumes work again


Congratulations! I am happy for you! :blush:


@bintzia Congrats and all the best for next label.

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