4 days and NOTHING!


Hello people!!!

its been 4 days and i am not getting any orders, i am new here. i thought that it would be easy but it is not.My impression is still 0 .can some of you please check out my gigs and give me some suggestions please.


Go to your gig category and try to find your gig. See how hard it is to find. That will probably let you know how well it will perform over the next week or so.


Reply to @sara1984: i tried that and my gig was way down in the list :frowning:


Fiverr usually do like to rotate gigs, but when you’re new it takes time to get a go near the top. If you have friends on here, ask them to give you a favorite. That can indicate a gig is popular.


Reply to @sara1984: actually i dont have friends here, can you give me a favorite please?


Sure. I hope the orders start coming in soon for you.

If you know anyone at all that does online marketing or needs a logo, it’s worth doing everything to get them to buy your gig. Just having 1 rating is so much better than 0.


Reply to @sara1984: thank you, i hope so…

asiscreations said: i thought that it would be easy

Making sales anywhere is not easy. Fiverr is overflowing with competition - especially in the logo category. Try to think of something you can offer that is unique, and also put some keywords in your gig descriptions. You have to be patient and you also have to do whatever you can to promote your gigs off of Fiverr. Use social media, post in relevant forums, put up flyers - whatever you can think of.

There are no guarantees you will ever get orders, but you have to put out effort for the best chance. Good luck.


Reply to @itsyourthing: thank you. i am trying to be patient, lets hope for the good.