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4 Hour Remains In Delivery, Buyer Online But Not Replying

Hi Sellers,

I got an order without any initial chat means- Direct Order from Gig…
Buyer Just send me two links in buyer requirement section to start the order or delivery clock.

Even i send many message and ask for more details from Buyer like: FTP OR Cpanel to edit buyer website theme color. without this details no one can edit any website. But buyer is not replying to message Even Buyer is ONLINE.

Just 4 Hour remains in delivery. i am just upset by this behavior by buyer…
I’ m attaching some snapshot please guide me what i can do in this case.

Thank You

I would message customer support asap. I have had this happen to me plenty of times before and they always help in a way as long as you are not at fault.

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Here is screenshot and i’m waiting for CS Reply…

you will be fine same thing happened to just attache some requirement with your gig

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Now I’m thinking to add some information that i need from buyer with bold line to gig description.

you should add requirement in gig,

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no add the requirement section same thing happened to me and i contacted CS, CS told me that i will be fine, but i learnt my lesson and added the requirement section so now clock does not start untill person fill out the information.

One more thing be polite, as same person who gave me such a hard time for first order, already placed three order with me. So be polite with the buyer as well and contact CS

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It is against the forum’s guidelines to reveal sellers’/buyers’ usernames. I suggest that you remove/hide all the places where the buyer’s username is shown in the snapshots you just posted before re-uploading them.

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Thanks for updating me…
i will update it soon…

This is my current requirement section please have a look…if i need some improvement let me know…

just add for admin login, and you have to have it if you want to website
and for custom cpanel

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Why is it so hard for you to understand? @digitalavinash It is not professional to be posting your buyer’s sensitive/personal information such as their website on a public platform such as Fiverr’s forum. :roll_eyes: :frowning_face:

Just block out such information. It is so easy to do!

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@hanshuber16 Just removed that screenshots…i am not aware of such information thanks for you guide.