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4 hours of work and now he wants to cancel

So, lets begin. A guy ordered and gave me insane detail, he also ordered 2 additional concepts. I followed this exact detail and spent a total of 4 hours of work on it. He then requested a revision and gave no detail on what he wanted revised.

(See image). He just said to follow the format, I had already followed it step by step, I just did some tweaking. Today, he wants to cancel with this message filled with lies. (Lies are highlighted) ![image|690x208]

He first said that he contacted me before hand and that is just not true. The order had already begun when he contacted me. I have a screenshot to support this. (upload://i4svMf38e8zdQzdSDVQmX92ZlO.png)

He then said that I use “templates” when I have the literal source files to prove that this is not the case. I can either accept defeat, cancel and have 4 hours of work go down the drain, or else maybe contact support? I don’t know…would really appreciate your input.

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My very first cancellation was a pain in the a**. And it was my $5 at that time… :cry: Not sure if it is the first cancellation for you though, but I know how you are feeling.

Anyways, you can either spend your entire free time fixing the work and risking to get another cancellation request and/or getting a very bad review.
Or, you can agree to cancel the order.

It is most likely a scam, since you offer .gif-related services, which is much bigger chance to get scammed. He might’ve just planned to do like that, to get their work for free.

You can also contact CS and tell them that he had broken TOS, wants to communicate outside Fiverr. But… I don’t think you would get a response from them any time soon, probably in over 10 days, so let’s scrap this idea.

If I were you, I wouldn’t be risking, and would better take the cancellation, get more free time, but lose a bit of money and lose order completion rate, which would reset after 60 days anyways.

It is up to you on how you want to manage this situation, but hey, I just told my opinion about it. Oh, and be sure to report the buyer, he did broke a few TOS over there!


This is 55 dollars so its a preety big order…I really appreciate your input, I just don’t want to loose 4 hours of work. He did break some TOS so yeah, I will give it a go at that perhaps it helps me. Thanks. (off topic) Your always a valued customer :joy: