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$4 in 2020 vs $5 in 2010

Fiverr was founded in 2010. Over the past decade, due to inflation, the real world value of $5 has decreased to $4.03. Let’s keep it simple and call it $4.


In other words, sellers who charge $5 in 2020 are receiving a fifth / 20% less income today when compared to a decade ago, despite the cost of living increasing. Imagine working a 9-5 job for 10 years and not having a single pay rise while seeing your income fall to 80% of its original value.

I’m simply wondering how sustainable it is for sellers to continue advertising $5 gigs? For example, if inflation continues along a similar path, in another five years that $4 today will only be worth $3.50 - and that’s before Fiverr commission, exchange rates, and local taxes are accounted for. While five years in the future might feel a long time away, I’ve been selling here for nearly eight years - time goes quickly.

I’ve personally got to a point where I want to increase my prices - but so many of my competitors (many of whom are very good at what they do according to their feedback) are still charging the same as me or less. In some cases much less.

It feels like the majority of sellers haven’t kept up with the times and are simply doing the same thing in 2020 as they were in 2010 - but times have changed.


True! I joined this site in 2014. Sadly, most buyers will only buy a $5 article, not a $10 article, let alone a $50 one. (I can see that most top-rated writers don’t have any orders at all.) My sales disappeared after I raised my prices. I still get orders on my $5 short story gigs, but at least I can crank out one short story in five minutes.


My post was inspired by a comment I made on someone else’s thread a couple of days ago about how I wish I could raise my $10 gig price to $12. It’s not possible of course, but I sense that the next jump to $15 is too much for the simple service I offer.

The other point I didn’t mention in my original post above is that I am a much better and more knowledgable seller in 2020 than I was in 2013 when I joined Fiverr.

So, not only am I receiving nearly a fifth / 20% less income than when I started out, but professionally I have evolved to offer a much better service. Rather than go forward financially, I’m getting a growing sense of going backwards - and I don’t like it!


On my ghostwriting gig my prices are $10 (basic), $20 (standard), $40 (premium). I give myself a raise every July, so on my next pay raise my prices will be $15 (basic), $25 (standard), $45 (premium).

I do worry sometimes that my basic package, which includes only 4 bars of writing, will eventually get too expensive. However I think my main goal is to eventually have buyers who purchase the larger packages and not the sample pack.

Raise your prices just to see how it goes. You can always change them back after a month or two.


Good for you! I like your thinking - and I agree with your approach.

Outside of Fiverr, I’m also a writer. On Fiverr I offer proofreading services. However, while I feel that my current charge of $10 per 1,000 words is a little too cheap, I also feel that $15 is just a little too expensive - as the vast majority of my competition charges the same as me or less.

The sweet spot would be $12 - but of course this isn’t possible.

If I were to charge $15 per 1,000 words that would make me ‘over priced’ by Fiverr standards. I’m sure that some people / businesses would be prepared to pay - but I sense that I would lose out overall. It’s not that I’m afraid to try, it’s just that after nearly eight years of selling on Fiverr I’ve developed my own sense of what my service is worth - and what is the right balance between value and time investment.


Keep in mind your $15 comes out to $12 after Fiverr takes their cut. Sweet spot achieved!

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I would recommend sellers to try increasing prices (And quantity/quality provided in return) at least on one gig and see how it works out.

Hi English Voice!

I had found quite a useful way round this was to charge $15 for the first 1000 words, and $10 for each 1000 words thereafter (also for proofreading). Obviously this scales if they want more extensive edits or rewrites. Unfortunately the word count feature has disappeared from the proofreading gig!

Wondering, as a fellow proofer, how you are working around this issue with the proofreading gig format? I have been badgering Fiverr about it but to no avail. It feels like a bug, as word count seems so fundamental to the service that we offer. Are we effectively reduced to only offering custom orders now?

Thanks for any advice!